Are you Square-Peg, Round-Holing Your Theology? {A Comic}











There’s a nearly 1000-year-old rule called Ockham’s Razor.  It (or “he”—that is, Mr. Ockham) says that the simplest explanation is the most plausible one.  It was sort of a medieval plea for common sense.


Later on, Einstein would say, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”


I went to seminary.  I did.  I enjoyed it, and I learned a lot of big words.  But, I can’t use them in a conversation… unless you’ve also been to a seminary.


One of the things I enjoyed about seminary was that the professors would always speak to the rooms full of pastor-students and say something like, “How many of you have heard X in a sermon before?  Most of you?  You’ve probably even taught it, haven’t you?  Well, it’s a boldfaced lie, and you need to stop it.”


The pastor-students would generally make agreeing noises and take lots of notes.


But then, they’d graduate and act like they’d never been shown a better, simpler way of doing anything.


I went to seminary.  I did.  I paid about $10,000 out of my own pockets to do it.  You know what I learned?  Three things:


1.  God is love.
2.  The simplest answer really is usually the rightest.
3.  No one cares about the first two when they’re making theology.




  1. Good post, and you get a big “amen” from me.

    The one thing I’d change — in #3, I’d say “most don’t care” instead of “no one cares”. The mathematician in me says there is almost always an exception when we try to make a universal statement about people. For example, I think I can name two people that try to live the opposite of your third statement: you and me. (I try to keep #1 and #2 in mind as I reconcile my theology, and I get the idea you do too.)

    Good post. Really like the cartoon.

  2. HA! You and my wife would get along great. I always (see I just did it there too) speak, um…rhetorically…I think would be the best term for it. She can’t stand it, because I’ll say, “Why do you always do that?” and she’ll have to come back with, “I don’t ALWAYS do it.”
    You’re right though. Here’s to the exceptions to the rule, may we one day become the rule!

  3. you’re post isn’t fitting into my theology and that means we can’t be friends. nope. i can’t even walk into your church because my theology is so much more righter than yours. pffft you just haven’t learned as many things as I have….tsk tsk tsk you might get there some day. :P

  4. The older and wiser I get, the more I realize I know very little about God. And the simpler my beliefs become. And the less I trust in complicated systematical theology. I trust God to fill in the rest when we are face to face in Heaven.

  5. Jim Kenderdine says:

    Perhaps theology is our attempt to make God complex enough for us to accept Him?


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