Getting a Haircut in India

There are quite a few options for getting a haircut within walking distance of where we’re staying in India. Indians are quite punctual in their haircuts, you don’t see a lot of shaggy haired folk. So there are plenty of barbers to go around.


Mundane Mondays – A new series where I chronicle a very mundane part of daily living that’s slightly (or widely) off center from the American paradigm.


The spectrum is pretty wide. You can literally go to a tin shack with a chair in it or you can go to a fancy salon.


Indian Barber Shop


I decided to pick a place in about the middle of the spectrum, finding a small, frequented barber shop. The guy didn’t speak any english, but never fear, there’s always an english speaker nearby in India. He called his friend over to help bridge the communication gap and then things got under way.


Bonus: An Indian haircut often ends with a head massage. That kind of just looks like getting beat up. These are the experiences that cross cultural kids are made of. :)


In no time we went from this:


Needs a haircut


To this:




Not bad for $1.25


Have you ever gotten a haircut while abroad?



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