Visiting India as told by Friends

If you’re an expat who has spent some time in India, you should be able to relate to at least a few of these.


Hilarious Friends gifs about what it's like to visit India.



1. When you try to learn Hindi .




2. When you don’t like the food but you don’t want to offend your Indian host.




3. The first time you see a squatty potty.




4. When someone has sprayed the entire toilet and floor with water.




5. When the power keeps going out.





6. When Indians meet your children.




7. When men urinate in public.




8. When you try to hang at a Hindu wedding.




9. When you ride an overnight train for the first time.




10. When you don’t understand Indian sense of humor.




11. When you catch a whiff of someone standing next to you on the bus.




12. When you sit down to any Indian meal ever.




13. When you find real cheese.




14. When you don’t understand local idioms.




15. When you see an empty seat on the bus.




16. When you actually understand what someone says in Hindi.




17. When you take a taxi.




18. When the food was a little spicier than anticipated.




19. When someone visits from home with goodies.




20. When you master the squatty potty.




21. When you’re in a crowded bazaar.




22. When you buy a pound of jalebi and it’s gone in 24 hours.




23. Whenever there’s a Hindu holiday or festival.




24. When you surprise yourself by really liking a dish.




25. When you return home after your time abroad.




I love India and all of her enchanting, controlled chaos. But it’s a lot to process the first time you visit!


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  1. This is my favorite of all of the internet travel things ever. Ever.

  2. Number 9 can also be used to demonstrate your enthousiasm to know the secret polite sign for “sousou” ;-)

    • Okay, you’re going to have to explain that one to me. Lol.

      • “Sousou” is the same than “xuxu” in chinese ;-) But when I say “xuxu” in China, they don’t think I know this word and speak in chinese (one of the rare words I know lol).
        This is the child word to say they want to pee. As it’s not polite to ask for the toilet (british heritage), indian people raise one hand and show their little finger.
        Each time I do it, people laugh “wow, she’s a foreigner and she knows this sign !”.

  3. Brings me back memories about my trip!

  4. Interesting how things seem from an outsiders’ perspective. :)

  5. Hahahahaha!!! Loved it!

  6. Interesting. Not been to India. Looks like you’ve made a bit of fun out of it.

    • Gotta keep your sense of humor, right? :) I wish someone would do one about what it’s like to visit America, I bet it’d be hilarious.

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVED this post! I haven’t been to India but I love Friends and the gifs were cracking me up!! Do more of these please!! haha :)

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