I stare at old people.

Remember when I told you guys that I like old people?  I wasn’t kidding.  I’ve had an increasing curiosity with them in the last decade.  I find them fascinating to watch.  I semi-stalk them in stores.  I notice what they purchase, how they walk, their spouse.



But the most fun part of stalking the elderly?  Imagining them as young folk.


That’s right.  It’s become a mild obsession of mine.  What did they look like when they were teenagers, when they married, when they were 30?  Where did they live?  Where did they work?  Who are were they?


I think getting my first wrinkle last year (shut up) probably sparked a lot of it.  Nothing like bona fide change in the mirror to make you realize the cold hard fact that time is passing.  That you’re getting older.  Every. Day.  That eventually those days turn into weeks, and months, and years, and then before you know it 20-somethings are semi-stalking you in Kroger.


I really really should start visiting a local nursing home like my hippy friend who blogs from the boonies.  Just sit and listen to their stories and look at their pictures.  A terribly interesting and unique generation is passing before our very eyes, y’all.  We need to take advantage of their history before it’s gone.




  1. I love old people. I love talking to them, listening to their stories, being with them, etc. I miss my grandma. A LOT.
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    • Jessica says:

      I’m not close with any of my grandma’s, but Husband’s grandma’s is like the Hallmark of Grandma’s. So sweet.

  2. We have an old lady bff at our local nursing home. Aside from being pretty much the coolest person ever she has CRAZY stories from back in the day, it’s awesome.

    Non sequitor confession: Whenever I see old couples I always wonder if they’re still doing it.

  3. Our neighbor has the same birthday as me. He just turned 83. He likes to tell stories while wearing his favorite outfit: no shirt, but a single suspender draped across his ancient chest. Good times.

  4. Yes you should start visiting a nursing home – and take your kids with you! My mom did this with my brother and I – our family “adopted” a woman who lived there and we visited her weekly if not more often. She was always brought to our family events (holidays, birthdays, etc.)

    My girls and I visit a local nursing home monthly and take our violins to play. We’ve been doing this for years so they don’t remember not doing it. This is the 4th state they have lived in, and when we move we find our new nursing home. When we go home to Illinois (which we are doing next week), they are eager and excited to visit their great-grandma (my grandma) who is 96 and lives in a nursing home.

    So that’s my encouragement for you to get yourself and your wild things to a local nursing home : )
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  5. I love this!
    I feel the same way, and I loved y our post.
    One thing I think is when you look in the mirror with your husband/partner and you notice the wrinkles/gray hair coming in and wrinkle lines, it is a beautiful site to behold. To grow old with someone that you deeply love…getting older is not bad, it can be wonderful, especially doing it along side your sweetheart. God Bless you!

  6. I love our visits at the nursing home! It is sad to see that there aren’t any couples at the one we visit, though. The populations is 95% women and 5% men, and, well, that can be a bit hard to think about.

    But, those ladies that we visit are wonderful. Some are downright spunky and feisty!

    We actually haven’t made trip to the Continuing Care Center since May, what with busy schedules and summer activities. I am going to shoot for a visit in August and then get back to the monthly schedule. I hope you are able to scout out a good home and visit sometime!
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    • Jessica says:

      Wow, I’m really surprised at that ratio. I know statistically they say that men pass first, that must be a factor. Still. Lucky chaps there with all those women folk. :)

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