I Love Chapstick

I’m a little bit obsessed with chapstick. Always have been.  In high school you would have never ever found me without a tube of chapstick in the pocket of my jeans.  It was necessary to my very existence – like air or ponytail holders.


Well, that hasn’t really changed.  I don’t know if it’s because I was blessed with fairly fully lips, or just because I’ve developed an addiction to moisturizing, but if I go longer than a few minutes without reapplying my lips hurt, y’all.  I have chappedlipitis.  I’ve never actually recorded how often I apply the balmy stuff, but I know it’s multiple times an hour.


And to ensure that I’m never too far from lipsoothery, I keep a constant supply stashed around the house in opportune places.  If one of these ever goes missing it makes my life a little sadder and dryer.  Don’t believe me?  Well, let’s take a chapstick tour, shall we?


The chairstick.

My laptop sits in front of this chair most of the time, so this particular stick is very important to me.  I need to be able to re-moisturize lightening fast while doing rully important things like reading articles and watching hulu.


The deskstick.

The deskstick is the flipside to the chairstick coin.  This one sticks (ha) beside the desktop computer to make sure I never have to feel nary an uncomfortable lip while I type up rully important posts like this one.  In fact, you guessed it, I’m all Burt’s Beesed up this very moment.


The kitchenstick.

This stick keeps me going during those long hours slaving over homemade meals and crusty dishes. It’s literally a lifeline that keeps my lips going until I can move on to a different room and task.


The bedstick.

This one gets me through the night.  I can reach up at any point and rub the waxy relief on my kisser to keep me moist until morning.  Or while me and that husband of mine sit in our bedroom at night watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and such.  (Btw, don’t you just love our highly attractive window unit, complete with duct tape?)


The bagstick.

Y’all, this might be the most important one.  If one of my chapstick hiding places turns up void in the house, I can always begrudgingly walk over to another stash.  But if I’m out in public and I reach into my handy bag for relief and come up missing, I panic a little bit.  You don’t understand.  My lips hurt real bad. And the thought of suffering through until I’m all the way back home again is enough to bring a single sad little clown tear to my eye.


The shelfstick.

I’ll admit, this one is just a safety net.  Located equal distances between chairstick, kitchenstick, and bedroomsticks, this one just sits here idly in case I lose one from a more important location.


I used to keep a carstick on hand as well, but since I generally always have bagstick if I’m in the car, I’ve let that hiding place fall to the chappy wayside.


So, be honest – do you think I’m completely neurotic? It’s okay if you do, it’s no skin off my lip.  I know that my life is better because of all of my very special chapstick hoards.





  1. Haha, I dunno if I’ve ever met someone quite as obsessed with chapstick, but that’s okay!

  2. I have 22 tubes of Nivea. No joke. I keep thm in my jacket pockets my purse, my back pack, our cars… Every where!

  3. I am addicted to chapstick as well! I always have one in my pocket of my jeans, so it goes with me wherever I go.

  4. Ha ha… nope, not neurotic! I have chapstick –we call it ‘lip balm’– stashed all over my house too. In safe places, though; drawers and pockets only as my almost 3 year old likes to eat it! My favourites at the moment are Kiss My Lips [vanilla, given to me by a friend after a trip to the US] and Badger Balm. BB is probably my most favourite… I love the lavender and sweet orange scent, and the pink grapefruit. I think I remember reading somewhere that if you do moisturise your lips often, you will need it more and more!

  5. lol loved this!!

  6. I must always have some balm, but I am brand loyal. Burt’s Bees Mango is the only way I roll. I have 2 or 3 kicking around at any given time, but usually it is one in the purse pocket, one in the bathroom and maybe one on the dresser.

  7. You’re not alone. I have one at the bedside, one in the bathroom, one by the couch, and one by my computer (which is the one I put in my pocket when I go out.) And it is ALWAYS ChapStick brand classic. ;)

  8. And not a single “black label” among them. For shame! I’m a fellow chapstick addict but I only use black label chapstick (the classic kind).

  9. I love me some Carmex. I seriously can’t sleep well without it. And every time I get up at night, I must reapply or I can’t fall back asleep. I don’t use it as much during the day, but I do apply it a handful of times. I HATE it when I’m caught without it.

  10. Nice to know others have their chapstick stashed in various places around the house as well. I *tend* to use Burt’s Bees (and the medicated one is like crack) but am currently trying Neutrogena tinted since I got a free sample :)

  11. Ha! I do the same thing, except I prefer Nivia lip balm. I have tubes everywhere. I’ve got about 10 unopened packages in my nightstand. You can never be too careful or have too much lip balm.

  12. I always had chapstick on hand, as well as super cracked lips, for many years! Then I learned that I’m allergic to lanolin (it even ruined my breastfeeding relationship with one of my kids because I didn’t know what was happening and kept using it and did a number on my girlies)! Most chapstick has lanolin, now that I use chapstick w/o lanolin my lips are smooth and happy! I don’t even have to use it every day and they’re happy, which makes my heart happy since I thought cracked, dry lips were going to die with me.

  13. Well, you know I am totally on board with your chapstick obsession. I don’t have various housesticks, but there is always one on my person. Since I use only one kind of stick (Burts bees honey one…because I haven’t found any other that I love as much…I’m not only obsessed but picky. Lol) I try to make sure I have it with me. Chad makes fun of me because there have been a couple of times when we’ve left the house and got half way to where we were going and I panicked because I forgot my chapstick. And there was one time (and one time only, I learned my lesson) that we went fishing for the day and I realized I forgot it when we were almost there (when I expressed my concerns, he reached over, patted my leg and said “You will be okay…I will help you through this” LOL)….but I thought I would die. Its all I could think about ALLLLL day.

  14. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one!

  15. Michelle Pf says:

    Yup – I buy them in bulk and stash them *everywhere* . . . and when I’ve been caught without I’ve resorted to hand lotion, and yes – at least once – I remember, resorting to ear wax. *shameface* I am an addict. And I’m hooking my kids too. My lip itch if I see dry lips on them.

  16. This (and the answers) made me giggle. I don’t use chapstick, but I have one that is coffee flavored (from Peets) and 2 that I bought at the Dollar Store one in popcorn flavor and one in chocolate/peanutbutter cup flavor. I haven’t opened either.