I Have Confidence.


Since my husband separated from the Air Force (a decision he felt strongly called to do), unemployment and us have gotten pretty tight.  We’re like friends … without benefits.


Those of you that have really been hanging around here for awhile might recall that Husband spent a year and a half unemployed when we returned to our hometown.  Then he worked for several months in a row before being unemployed for the summer of 2011.  And, thankfully, he’s been working a part-time job since the fall, which keeps us floating safely, if not wealthily.


Despite our continuous flirting with unemployment, we’ve always found ourselves provided for.  We’ve never wanted for even a week.  We’ve been very much supported by family and friends to keep a roof over our head and gas in our Durango (not that they’ve necessarily directly given us the green stuff, but have opened their homes to us, etc).


So, there’s a part of me that’s not nervous about moving to Canada at all, jobless or not.  I just want to swing my guitar around like Maria and sing about what I have confidence in and stuff.


I have confidence in Canada.

And I do.  I may not have a bowl cut or a burlap dress, but I have confidence.


I have confidence that we will find a job in Canada, despite all the hurdles that potentially stand in our way with schedules and visas and whatnot.  I have confidence that something will materialize to help pay the rent for the house that God has miraculously put in our path.  I have confidence that we’re not going to starve to death or have to start using that guitar to sing on the streets (though that might actually be kind of fun … )


I don’t have answers.  But I have confidence.


Ahem.  But if you happened to have answers, please feel free to share. ;)




  1. How are things with the house? Did it turn out to be the right match?


  2. I have no answers, but I have prayers and faith that God leads us, if we are willing to follow. As a Canadian I welcome you and hope you find what you are meant to find here!

  3. “friends without benefits”- yeah, that’s us too. I am the only working person in our house and I don’t make enough too pay all the bills, but some how it all gets paid and we lack nothing. When we see these things we should always look to whatever futures we have with the same confidence you describe- how can there ever be any doubt that such provisions will continue? Thanks for the reminder.

  4. The caption to that picture made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself.

  5. Your story reminds me of my family’s life growing up. The reason I can never be an atheist is because in spite of my parents struggles God always did miracles in our lives very similar to the ones He has done in your life, and my parents were always quick to give God the credit and glory. No one can convince me there is no loving God when I have been witness to such awesome things! And HE still continues to be my GREAT provider till this day.
    Thanks for sharing your story :)