HUSBAND IS HOME. And he brought me presents.

Truly, it felt longer than two weeks in some ways.  But he’s back now, baby!  And … asleep.  Silly little thing called jetlag.  Apparently, his body thinks it’s 4:00 a.m.  Pffft.


Anyway.  Wanted to share some of the sweet booty that he brought back.  Ahem.  The souvenirs, that is.


Ten Year Old and I both got a sweet dupatta.






And bracelets.


Got a few shirts and post cards too, but didn’t take a picture of them before I put those suckaz away.




The Wild Boys got some hats and bracelets.










But my favorite, favorite things came from a family that Husband stayed with.  While hiking in the high Himalayas, their team happened upon a man who invited them to stay with him and his family for a couple of nights.  We’ll call him a Man of Peace.



This is their house.



This is one of their cute kids.


This is one of their cute kids dancing.


Oh, nothin’. Just a big ole bag of delicious garlic.  That they grew.  In the Himalayas.   And guess what happened when they found out that Husband’s wife (um, me) loves garlic?





That’s right.  A special gift for me.


One of the wives also sent me her shoes.  That’s right.  Her shoes.  And not just any shoes.



Her holy kitchen shoes.



That her holy kitchen feet have already broken in.

I’m told they take a month to make.  Also, they’re apparently one size fits all.  (Ingenious) Because they fit both mine and Ten Year Old’s feet, despite the discrepancy of 2 shoe sizes.



Don’t worry, Husband didn’t totally clean these folks out.  He did leave them with his brand new, never worn, not exactly cheap hiking pants.  Because they really liked them.  Oh yeah.

And the Gospel.


I still can’t believe that I have a giant bag of garlic from across the world.  Cahrazy.


I’m hoping to get Husband to write a guest post of sorts about his trip for y’all.  I haven’t asked him yet, though.



Because that sexy, mountain climbing, evangelizin man of mine is sleeping off his jetlag.


And as soon as he wakes up, this picture disappears!



Thanks again for putting up with my crappy blogging while he was away.  You guys are awesome.  And maybe things can get a little bit back to normal around here.  Well, except for that whole unemployed thing.  Then again, that is kind of our new normal these last couple of years. *shrugs*





  1. I am glad he is home, safe and sound. What lovely gifts he brought! That bracelet is gorgeous!! Hope he catches up on sleep soon!

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, I’m not a jewelry person, but I’m pretty in love with that bracelet. :)

  2. Awesome! Glad he’s home safe! We’ll be praying about the whole job thing. :)

  3. Yay! Glad he’s home safe. Love the kitchen shoes! The house in the mountain is beautiful, wow.

  4. Okay…exactly how much hassle did he go through to bring that garlic back through Customs? Um…nevermind. You might not want to answer that. ;) Glad he had a great trip. Can’t wait to hear about it!!

  5. Awesome. And I LOVE those shoes!!

  6. Cute :)


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