How’s The Move Going Part 3

Y’all, we’re in the home stretch and I’m finally feeling the pressure.  Up til now I’ve been pretty laid back about the whole thing, I’ve been slowly selling all of our belongings for a couple of months now.  But all of a sudden I have less than 2 weeks.  Two weeks!  Which in my brain, translates into one week.  Because by the time the last week gets here, it’s over – you’re out of time.


Most of the stuff is out of the house.  I’ve effectively gutted the place of it’s innards.  What remains is the skeleton.  The large pieces of furniture.  The couches and tables and such. Which still makes the house look quite full.


And then there’s trying to box up the bit we are keeping, which isn’t much, mind you.  We’re putting some stuff in storage, a couple boxes of souvenirs and treasures; the stuff you just can’t get rid of but have no use for.  Sigh.  And we have a few boxes of books that we don’t want to part with.


The part I’m waffling on right now, is the matter of clothes.  I’ve already reduced our clothes down dramatically, but we go back and forth on how many winter clothes we should take with us.  Obviously, it’s going to be much colder up there, so common sense would tell us to take everything we can, but we can’t fit it all in the car.  Space is going to be really really tight in the Durango, all space is precious – so I have a hard time wanting to pack sweaters in June.  Which leaves us the option of mailing the clothes to ourself, but is it worth the cost?  There’s a little grasshopper on my shoulder whispering sweet nothings about how God can provide us with second hand clothes in Canada, just like he has here.


Anyway, enough with the whining.  My point is, I’m officially getting stressed/overwhelmed/ cranky.   I’ve been a little surprised to find that selling everything is actually a lot more work than just packing everything up.  You’d think, as much as we’ve moved, it would be a piece of cake for me by now, but filling a truck with everything you own and negotiating prices for everything you own with strangers is a whole different ballgame.  For reals.


BUT, I do think things will be much simpler on the other side, and in the future.  I never want to own stuff again.  It just accumulates so easily, especially if you stay in one place for awhile, but it’s not worth it.  Stuff, be gone! I think I’m going to be much more of a minimalist ninja after all this.


In the mean time, please, leave me with some words of wisdom.  What should I do about the winter clothes?  What is your best tip for a giant road trip with 4 Wild Things?  Go.




  1. You might want/need a sweater like piece of clothing when you get to Canada – even in June. I would pack at least one each for those chilly summer nights and mornings. Fleece my be more useful and versatile so if you have those, consider choosing those. Then let God provide the rest. I’ve always admired your resolve not to buy anything because God would provide.

    As for traveling that far with 4 kiddos – no advice there.
    Jill Foley recently posted..Praying For the BloggersMy Profile

  2. I agree with Jill. Summer nights and early mornings are chilly up here so you should pack a couple of sweaters or hoodies for everyone! I’m in the Toronto-area but I imagine it’d be similar in the West Coast where you’re heading. There are lots of second-hand clothing stores here… like Value Village & Goodwill so I think you’ll find affordable, inexpensive Winter clothing once you need them later on.

    As for long road trips, we found our portable DVD player to be very useful for the kids when they get bored. :-)

  3. Tanya Marlow says:

    Frankly, I’m amazed that all you are is cranky… I think I would be in a small pool of meltdown! Thinking of you as you leave so much – and yet, in the eternal scheme of things – so little behind. Praying xx

  4. I’ve been thinking about this since we talked about it over the weekend…I agree with the above that you should maybe take one thing for the chilly times, but when you get there, you should have plenty of time before winter to accumulate more winter things. Start looking around once you get settled in and gather it piece by piece. That’s what I would do anyway. And, it will give you an excuse to explore the new area while looking for sweet winter clothes deals!
    Neffer recently posted..Lake JefferyMy Profile

  5. As a southern Cal girl who moved to the northern Cal mountains, my so called winter clothes proved to be useless in the long run. (but they were good for spring!) It took time to acclimate as well. You will find out what you really need from people when you are there, and probably find some good second hand deals.
    dorothy hughes recently posted..BackpackMy Profile

  6. jennifer says:

    Bring a raincoat/water-proof jacket for everyone (if you have them). Do you have any friends who could hang on to one box of sweaters for a few months… with the proviso that they will either mail them to you or drop them off at a goodwill by a certain date?

  7. I agree with Neffer and Jennifer. Keep a couple sweaters/hoodies for cool evenings and get rid of the rest.
    Penny recently posted..Copenhagen Phil (Flash Mob Friday)My Profile

  8. I am going to be the voice of dissent and say that you should bring a good amount of warm clothing (as much as you can reasonably fit). You are probably going to have to purchase actual winter gear like jackets, toques, mittens, snow pants, boots, etc. once winter hits, so if I were you I’d want to save my money for that rather than having to buy tons of warm clothes too. It’s the perpetual question of should I bring it or should i sell it and replace it… and I would say if it’s going to cost more to replace it, then find a way to bring it if you can. Unless you’re cool with an entire wardrobe from goodwill, the maybe you should bring a good amount (and by that I mean like a week’s worth or so- which is all I own anyway! I realize some people’s wardrobes are way bigger than mine!)
    beth@redandhoney recently posted..His Heart and MineMy Profile

  9. I’ve got it!!!! Pack the sweaters in the car and mail the kids in a box to Canada! That way you have sweaters when you get there, and the kids totally justify the shipping cost….plus you it takes care of the problem of how to travel with 4 wild things!!! : ) smile. snicker. whatever….you know I’m kidding.
    Jill Foley recently posted..Country Expert – BoliviaMy Profile

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