How to have a spontaneous Labor Day


Travel to exotic places.

Play with Wild Animals.

Picnic with bohemian friends.

Play in the ocean, fully clothed.

Pose on some driftwood.

Pretend that a bridge…

…is a roller coaster.

Take a little nap.

Jump in a water slide bounce house in the rain.  Fully clothed, if necessary.

And last but not least, eat some pilfered birthday cake while listening to the rain.

The end.


  1. Mine was a little less Bohemian. We cleaned house.

  2. Where I come from you always keep your clothes on for the ocean. Lol. Looks like a great time!

  3. Ok, you’ve convinced me, I’ll be taking my kids to the sea turtle sanctuary sometime soon because that looks like fun

  4. Ooh fun! We went to the Renaissance Festival- working on getting a post up right now of our pics!

  5. We came into Jekyll Island from the other way. The girls insisted we go over the bridge on the way home because it looked so awesome. On a side note, really didn’t like the beach there, to much seaweed.

    • We did the same thing. Just drove the bridge for fun and then turned around and went home. Lol.