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We have lived and traveled all over the world and we love to share our experiences with an engaged audience. Thousands of readers come to our blog every month and thousands more follow us via social media and interact with us daily. That’s tens of thousands of people who can be exposed to your brand.


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Jessica has years of professional experience working in Social Media Marketing and is skilled in best practices for top social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Her experience with graphic design gives her an edge in creating attractive pinnable images that rank well in Pinterest search results and her knowledge of SEO and keyword research means your content is not seen today, gone tomorrow, but has evergreen potential via Google search results.


This restaurant review highlights the hard work and skill that goes into creating our content. Top notch photography and professional and appealing images formatted for Pinterest. Also, because of the time we put into keyword research and SEO, this article consistently ranks on the first and second page of Google search results for queries such as “Best places to eat in Mussoorie” and “Cafe Ivy Mussoorie”.


When potential customers search for your city or business, they can find our experience working with you.


People Trust Bloggers!


Research shows that people trust blogger reviews.


Not only has our post about our favorite things to do in downtown Savannah been shared thousands of times, people really do take our advice. We love helping others discover a favorite new destination or experience!


Work with the Bohemian Bowmans.


Ways to Work With Us


Press Trips / Hosting Opportunities


Have a restaurant, hotel, or attraction? Invite us for a stay and we’ll share our experience across social media and through one or more carefully crafted articles on our website.

We can offer a range of flexibility including family friendly attractions, couples only excursions, or even friend-focused, girl’s night out, type experiences.


Product Reviews


Have an awesome travel related product? We would love to share it with our audience via a quality written review and discussions via social media.


Brand Ambassadors


If we really love and trust your brand we would be happy to partner with you and promote your company on an on going basis.


Contact Us


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in coming together with us on any of the above, or if you have a different proposal we haven’t covered.