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You play Facebook games.  Don’t lie.  You’ve at least dabbled.  They’re sometimes that perfect bit of frivolousness that we need in the middle of a stressful day.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.


So, with so. much. to. do with our upcoming move, it’s only natural that I’d agree to review a facebook game, of all things.  I ain’t ashamed, y’all.  Our brains need that little escape, it’s necessary to our sanity.  And it just so happened that I wasn’t playing a single Facebook game currently in my life so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.  Plus, it’s a game about caring for horses and you guys know how obsessed my Eleven Year Old is with horses, right?  Pffft!


The premise of Horse Haven is sweet, take care of cute horses, build buildings and food for them, breed them, etc.


Aww, one horsie wants a treat and the other wants a pettin'.

I like the basic game play, it’s your typical, you only get a certain amount of energy, every action uses energy, energy slowly recharges scenario. Personally, I think this works to the advantage of those of us that really don’t need free reign (ha, punny) to accidentally get lost in a game for 2 hours.  A couple of minutes of this game and it forces you to take a break.


In addition to caring for and training your horses, there is an endless supply of quests on your sidebar to accomplish for rewards.  Plant carrots, buy a new horse, etc.   Pretty simply things to keep you motivated to come back to your little horse farm.

I was cruising along in Horse Haven-ville quite nicely until I tried to build my first building as part of a quest.  After I purchased it with my horse bucks and used the proper amount of energy to set it up, I was faced with this ..



Oof!  The classic, you-can’t-get-far-in-this-game-without-friends schtick.


I’m okay with that in concept.  I mean, I understand that it’s just a way of life in facebook games, just how it works.  However, the format for asking for help in Horse Haven is sort of a deal breaker for me.  You see some games allow you to search through your list of friends and check-mark the individuals you’d like to send a request to, or to search people who already play the game.  But when I needed to ask for help on Horse Haven, I was confronted with only this option:



I have to put this request directly on my public wall, I can’t personalize it at all.  That is something I’m just not willing to do.  I don’t want to be an annoyance to my facebook friends and flood their wall with inconsequential stuff like this.  I have no problem sending quests directly to people who I know enjoy playing games, but I’m not just going to plaster it in everyone’s news feed.


So, alas, my Horse Haven fun was short lived.  I couldn’t progress in the game without help, and I wasn’t willing to ask for help in the format allowed.  But, as this is a brand new game, I have hope that they’re still ironing out the kinks and will hopefully modify this in the future for those newsfeed snobs like me who are just plain stubborn.


But, if that little detail doesn’t bother you, then play away!



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  1. That’s one of the things I hate about Facebook games. The whole ‘you have to have an ever increasing number of friends in order to continue playing’ thing. :/
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  2. I can honestly say I don’t play FB games. The requests I get drive me crazy!

  3. it won’t let me get in to it

  4. What really pisses me off about this game is that a lot of times it won`t load properly, and you can only get to level 30, then theres no point to the game anymore. I also hate that your horses retire before you can do much with them. I hate the whole I can`t do much without lots of friends. Right now Dragon City has me boxed in with nothing to do unless I buy more space and I need more friends for that. Sometimes Horse Haven makes me wonder why I even play the game. I wish I could start over with that game.

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