Heavenly Hummus {A Recipe}

Want to know how to make homemade hummus?


I love hummus.


I super double extra crazy love hummus.


But I’ve been increasingly hummus lazy the last couple of years. To the point that I started buying it already prepared in the deli section…and then not buying it at all. So when I saw garbanzo beans on sale today, I knew they were calling my name.


Making Hummus this way is super easy. I feel like I’m completely cheating because I used to actually buy dried chick peas, soak them for a day, and then cook them for a day, and then make the hummus on day three. I know, what was I thinking, right?! Well, my fourth little wild thing came along and put a stop to all that.


So here is the abbreviated Hummus version.


You can never ever ever go wrong starting with garlic. I am garlic’s biggest fan, nutritionally and medicinally. So this is a great way to get some raw garlic in yo system.



Peel and quarter them bad boys and throw them in the food processor.



Now grab them cans of cooked chick peas. Answer all of Four Year Old’s concerned questions about what exactly you’re about to do with those little round things.

humus ingredients


Add ’em to the garlic.



Vroom away.

garlic hummus


Add some olive oil to keep that hummus a movin’ and smooth.



Now throw in a bit of salt.



And I went with cumin in the spice department today.






Now grab a triangle of pita bread!

pita bread and hummus


Double squeeee!



Now, die and go to hummus heaven.



P.S. It’s harder than it looks to bite and smile at the same time.


Now store and put that stuff away before you eat all of it before dinner!




  1. Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies says:

    Ah, I am also a lover of hummus and may have to challenge you on the "garlic's biggest fan" claim. ;) Anyway, my absolutely favorite lunch is a wrap with hummus, tomato, avocado (if we have it) and lettuce or sprouts.
    At a party one time, I had some store bought "pizza hummus" which is quite tasty. You can recreate it home bay adding a tablespoon or two of pasta sauce after you've mixed up a batch of hummus. Just a neat variation that we enjoy.

  2. *IF* you have avocado?! Is there ever an appropriate time to NOT have avocado in the house?

    I should think not! :)

    I may be an even bigger avocado fan than garlic. I literally. eat it. every. day.


  3. Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies says:

    I know, I know. But I am thrifty….errrr a tightwad. Sometimes the prices got to close to $3 or higher. Can't do it, not at that price. I have tried sprouting an avocado seed, but at this rate it will take years and a miracle to get fruit from it up here in NY.

  4. Oh wow, that is much higher than down here.

    On this subject, my Mother In Law lives in Nigeria and has HUGE avocado trees in her YARD. HUNDREDS of avocado's.

    Need a stress my covetedness?

  5. prianka42 says:

    I love making homemade hummus as well! It is really hard to buy in Asia, so actually, I didn’t have a choice. I use sesame oil as well since tahini is always either hard to find or expensive.