Healthy and Easy Summer Snacks for Kids


Feeding my children has, routinely, been one of the highest stress points of staying home with them.  So, believe me when I tell you I understand how crazy the food chain can make you and how desperately we want to offer healthy alternatives and teach children about balance and nutrition.


So, I offer you our favorite ways to make mama and babies happy when it comes to snacking.  These are the things that you can find little people eating around the Bohemian Bowman house on a daily basis.  For realz.


1. Frozen Yogurt.frozen yogurt snack

We never buy Popsicles.  Between the processed ingredients for the bad ones and the price of the good ones, it’s just something I’m not willing to invest in.  However, we make our own freezy treats all the time and this is one great example.  Whenever I find organic squeezy yogurts on sale I snag several boxes of them and get them suckers to freezing.  This is one of the Wild Things very favorite summer snacks.


I love it because it’s not only a healthier alternative to classic popsicles, it’s easy peasy.  And I love me a scenario where the kids don’t even need me to access their snackin.  Just freeze, rip, and go.





2. Frozen Juicefrozen juice snack

Are you noticing a theme here? Y’all, my kids will freeze anything.  I’m not kidding, we find the most random things in our freezer.  “Hey, why are there chewable vitamins in the freezer?” “I’m freezing them!”   Drinks are at the top of their favorite-things-to-freeze list.  Eleven Year Old freezes orange juice every night to eat for breakfast the next morning.  I also like to pick up the really healthy smoothie-type juices when they’re marked down, for freezy experimentation.


3. Green Smoothies. green smoothie snack

Green smoothies are probably my favorite snack to give the wild things because, come on, it’s a victorious day when you get a five year old to suck spinach through a straw.


I keep my smoothies very simple – just frozen fruit and spinach.  Maybe a little water to thin it out a bit.  You can add juice or yogurt or any number of other things, but I like the simplicity of keeping the sugars at just fruit.


frozen green smoothiesAnd the best part?  They freeze great if your kids don’t finish them.  Der.  Naturally, my kids prefer them frozen.  So even if your little one doesn’t like drinking the smoothie, they’re bound to like it in it’s freezy form.  My kids pretty much treat it like it’s green ice cream.




4. Apples with Peanut butter.

My kids love apples, but if left to their own devices they’ll leave a lot of half eaten ones lying around.  This nips that problem in the bud.  I find they’re much more likely to finish the whole thing if it’s sliced up and on the side of some delicious, dippable nut buttah.  Let’s face it, most sweet things are better with peanut butter.



5. Bananas with Cinnamon.bananas with cinnamon

Once again, an old favorite with a slight twist. Like apples, my kids do like bananas, but if I just peel one of those suckers and hand it to them, I’m likely to find it lying around later with a single bite taken out of it.

However, slice them puppies up and sprinkle the lightest bit of cinnamon (or in this case, pumpkin spice) and they gobble them up like it’s candy.  Winning.


That’s it, the most common healthy snacks around the Bowman house.  Sure, there’s still the occasional cookies or the ever-present Lara Bar, but for the most part, these are the snacks my kids come back to again and again.  And seriously, don’t underestimate the power of freezing.  It really makes kids think they’re getting something extra scandalous.  Try freezing grapes (best bite-sized popsicles ever), chocolate milk, and other things.  Seriously.  Do it.


What are some favorite summer time snacks at your house?




  1. Cindy Miller says:

    We do them all except the banana one. Thanks for new idea!

    Cindy Miller

  2. We are totally into the homemade smoothies right now. I haven’t done it yet, but plan to add spinach or kale. I have also come to love avocado smoothies. They are so good! We also like frozen grapes. :)

  3. I teach preschool and every lunch goes with both a fruit and a vegetable. Most of the fruits are brought to us frozen. I don’t think it’s on purpose, I just think that’s where it’s stored. However, my class loves them. They think it’s some fabulous dessert, and they will gobble them all up. Especially those frozen peach slices and strawberries.

  4. Shelly Willis says:

    Food chain + food allergies = me EXTRA crazy! Great, simple ideas here. Our freezer resembles yours…snowballs, chicken bones with no meat on them, numerous cups of frozen liquids, strangely colored chunks of ice, plastic spiders. My kids also like carrots with peanut butter (or in our case, sunflower seed butter)

  5. Three words: Frozen Pineapple Chunks
    (buy a bag in the freezer section)

  6. pots of yoghurt frozen w/ a lolly stick in them = win. my sis and i do that all summer :D and we even do them for the dogs but w/o the stick

  7. Thanks for the frozen juice ideas.another idea is to get store bought yogurt and fruits and to layer them in popsicle molds and freez. My kids inhale them and i admit im quite a fan my self. trust me its a win,win situation.(to sneak in some veggies, blend the yogurt with a veggie of your choice)