Have You Met My Husband?


For those of you who are newish, I thought I’d introduce my husband. (Seems appropriate after last week’s My Husband Is Awesome Day) In fact I think I’ll let him have the run of the place this week.  That’s right, new bohemian husband posts.  And maybe, if you’re lucky, a new comic thrown in as well. (Yay)


But before the new husband-like content begins, let’s revisit some old favorites, shall we?


This post about being tired of church still gets regular hits from the search engines.  There’s just something about venting and commiserating, I guess.


Remember this one about putting God in a box? Wise words.


Why do arguments happen? This comic will fill you in.


The past and present Biblical handbooks for church practice look a little different.  I don’t know if you know.


If your theology is square and your God is round, you may have a problem. I’m just saying.


I promise, tomorrow we’ll have brand new words from The Husband.  Until then, have fun perusing the “bohemian husband” or “comics” categories of the site. They’re full of husbandry goodness.




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