Happy Little Living Room


You guys, I’m so happy today. We moved back into our old house last week and we’ve been working hard to get the place fixed up and furnished. Today we got the last two couches and bookshelves – from a nice couple of doctors who are moving to Florida and just up and gave them to us.

We’ve been going through our old Rubbermaid totes that hold all of our worldly belongings. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen them, since before we moved to Canada. I often talk about how we sold “all of our stuff” and as we’ve been unpacking the totes I’ve started to feel guilty for the little white lie embedded in that phrase.

Technically, we kept a little. Maybe 9 or so totes full of treasures that can’t be parted with. Quilts that Mema made. Plates bought in Germany. Art picked up in Nigeria. Rugs acquired in Iraq. And, of course, BOOKS. It’s been so nice to pull out our old treasures and display them.



And so this is our happy little space. Filled with 99% borrowed goods.



Living on faith ain’t half bad. ;)




  1. It looks like a very happy space!! :)
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