Grieving E.


I have no words today but deep grief and condolences for a dear online sister whose family was struck by tragedy this weekend.


To help shield them a bit from the media onslaught, I will say no more for now.


Lauren, the mother, has finally been able to communicate and she shared these words of grace this morning:


“Now I will learn how to comfort those who have lost a child, I will learn how to love those who have family in jail, I will learn how to be a single parent and I will learn how to love the people around me who are well-meaning but not comfortable with our lifestyle.

These are huge areas in which I will be stretched and growing in grace and love, and I embrace the opportunity to grow in Christlikeness, however painful it may seem at this time.

Know this: God is good. All the time. Of this, I am convinced.”

*Her site has been restored, and you can follow along in her grief here: Sparkling Adventures.


A site has been set up to raise funds for the family, click here to find it.  They are currently raising money to help cover the funeral and burial costs, as well as the grocery, transportation and other legal and financial needs of the family.  Also, go like this fb page, to keep abreast of new avenues of helping.

Additionally, all proceeds from the pdf version of my e-book Parenting Wild Things will go to benefit Lauren and her 4 sparkling girls in this time of tragedy.  If you have never gotten around to purchasing a copy for yourself or a friend, now is the time.  Please help spread the word.


And if you have your own blog, you can grab the bit of code from beneath the Elijah button in my sidebar to share the graphic on your own site.




  1. Serenity says:

    All who know the family, whether IRL or just through the internet, have been deeply impacted by the events which transpired. The memory of Baby E. will last a lifetime as his birth and life touched so many people around the globe. Gone, but never forgotten. May the family find comfort and peace in God’s love as they grieve and, eventually, heal.

  2. Jennifer says:

    thank you for doing this. my heart is broken and i can’t stop hugging my babies. i would very much like to be able to help.

  3. words are never enough a baby passes! my thoughts & prayers are with the family!

  4. Just a thought for you Jessica. Could I recommend playing Gungor’s “Beautiful Things” once or I dunno…40 times on Spotify or cd if you have it? I’m listening and thinking of this family. I didn’t know them and only caught wind of them through you last week.

    Lauren sounds unreal…I would be…well…let’s not talk about me. That’s not a judgement of her…just saying I don’t know her personally, but regardless…losing a baby is the most awful thing I can think of. Praying that you find a measure of joy today and that she receives all she needs. Bless you for being there for her and helping to be a shield for her.
    shayne recently posted..WallflowersMy Profile

  5. Trying so hard to make sense out of this awful tragedy… After reading Lauren’s blog on FB, I am deeply, completely humbled by this remarkable woman of faith whom I don’t even know. Her testimony is truly impacting the multitudes, and her precious Elijah will live on in many souls. May God give this brave family supernatural strength, comfort and peace…

  6. My heart was broken when I read about David and Lauren’s sweet little baby. I didnt find out till late Sunday Night.
    She is so strong, and so amazingly honest with her writing. We have been following Sparkling Adventures for some time, and my hubby (as well as my boys) got to meet her wonderful family while she was pregnant with sweet little boy.
    My heart, prays and thoughts are with them all. Its so good to see all of the support that is following to the family. there is good in this world xxx
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Sparkling Elijah Rainbow May You Be Free ForeverMy Profile

  7. I just want to say…
    You are the kind of friend a person wants when going through something like this.
    I’d never visited Lauren’s blog before that first FB post when you shared the heartache they were/are going through…and then that night…I think I read through almost every. single. post. on their blog–
    My heart breaking for them.
    Jjust wanting to mention (as we’ve been through the pain of losing a little one) that I see you continuing to show support and love and walk through this with them (as are many others)…and it is beautiful to me.
    It’s how it should be, what Christ would call us to…truly weeping with those who weep.
    Kara @ The Chuppies recently posted..And…THIS is What I Worked on During Naptime.My Profile

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