For the first time, I feel like my life is coming into focus. I feel like something important is within my grasp. Like I’m finally figuring out who I am. Or accepting who I am.


I’ve spent so many years – wasted so many years – trying to be something I’m not. Not anything wrong, mind you. Except that anything that’s not me is wrong for me.


I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin for the first time. Confident. Okay with myself – flaws and all. And it feels . . . amazing. Cathartic. Free.


And I don’t want to go back to boxing myself away. Square peg round holing my soul.


I’m just going to be me. A better version of me. Every day.



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  1. LOVE THIS Jessica!

  2. Me too :)
    THis is such a beautiful, freeing write! It is a gift to be ture to who we really are!
    Popping by from Five minute Friday

  3. beautiful… that last line was super powerful. great writing today!

    stopping by from 5mf!
    richelle @ “our wright”-ing pad recently posted..Five Minute Friday ~ GraspMy Profile

  4. Very awesome post.
    denise recently posted..Five Minute Friday/GraspMy Profile

  5. YES! Keep being yourself… nobody else can be you!
    Lyssa recently posted..The Beginning of the End; Glimpsing the BeginningMy Profile

  6. :) Thank you for sharing this today. I went to my counseling session last night and expressed the need to be me. Loved it. Thanks again!

  7. Not only does it free us from the expectations we think others have, but it frees us to be the vessel He can use…beautifully written!
    Tammy Skipper (@Tammy_Skipper) recently posted..GraspMy Profile

  8. I feel exactly this way too.
    Kelly J Youngblood recently posted..What’s It Like to Be a Top Blogger?My Profile

  9. Oh, my song you sing! I’ve given way too many years trying to be what I thought I should rather than being who I was, who HE designed me to be.
    As always, I lovey your transparency!!
    Stefanie Brown (@stefanieybrown) recently posted..Five Minute Friday: GraspMy Profile

  10. Stepping into that space today with you. Where I am beginning to feel more comfortable with who He has created me to be and less about others expectations. Thank you for sharing! Blessings!
    Wendy recently posted..TimeMy Profile

  11. Been thinking and writing A LOT about identity recently.
    Abby Norman recently posted..Five Minute Friday: WideMy Profile

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