God’s Will For Free Will

God's will for free will.


I’ve spent the last few years trying desperately, confusedly, defiantly, to grasp the concept of God’s will vs free will.  I’ve come out the other end a bit Mumford and Sons about the whole issue and I’ll believe in grace and choice.


But I don’t often reflect on the privilege and responsibility we each get to help write each other’s stories.  Do the scenes I play in other people’s life affect their plot for the better? #shrugs. I generally assume I’m the Chandler in any given scene. Sarcastic. Self-deprecating. Comic relief.


I think most of us feel like if all of life is a stage then we’re just the extras, milling around in the back. Like we’re minor characters, far from star material.


But even supporting actresses win Oscars sometimes.


I think I should pay more attention to the minor roles I play in others lives.




  1. Don Every says:

    Jess I love your heart for God and people!
    I look at this subject in a different way now I understand about being sons and daughters of Father, not a principle. In that intimacy it has all changed. We leatn to be with and in Father, talking, listening, discussing, and just being together, the same as parents and children in the flesh.
    We influence our parents in many ways and they us of course. How much better in such fellowship with Father! It’s the interaction that is so wonderful and who knows how it all pans out? Only Father so far.

  2. In coming back to Argentina again, I was reminded of the remarkable legacy of a few people who changed my life. They were not close friends; one of them I’ve hardly had any conversations with. Yet their hospitality and welcome opened doors for me that led to other friendships, blessing, abundance and God’s provision. Their small choices to invite me at key moments were simply life-changing. It doesn’t take a hero. It can’t happen without God’s timing. But our choice to open even small doors does make a gigantic difference.