The One Where God Reminds Me He’s Got This.


“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6


God has been teaching us this chapter in Matthew for a few years now.  He’s used it to teach us not to spend unnecessarily on clothes because he can provide.  He’s used it to teach us He can easily take care of us through unemployment.  He’s used it to teach us that he knows what we need before we even ask it.


So, when we found out we’d be moving to Canada this summer, without a job waiting for us, or a place to live, we didn’t really fret over it.  We just assumed a miracle would happen.  Or we would slum it.  But either way, it would work out.


And, when looking through our options, we realized that we couldn’t afford to take our belongings with us, we painlessly made the decision to sell everything we own.  We’re not super attached to hardly anything anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal to decide to drop the dead weight.


We just assumed that we’d rent a tiny apartment up there (after all, you don’t need a lot of space when you don’t own anything) and live out of suitcases and sleep on air mattresses and sleeping bags for as long as we needed to.   And we were okay with that reality.


So imagine our surprise when someone who reads our blog and lives in the area we’re moving to, contacted us recently to tell us that while searching Craigslist out of curiosity, they found us a miracle.


You see, there’s a family of 6 in the Langley area that’s been looking for the flip-side to our miracle.  They’re moving to Uganda for a year, and need someone to rent their fully furnished home while they’re gone.   Oh, and they live minutes from the school that Husband will be attending.  And it’s nearly twice as big as the house we live in now.


And has a fantabulous backyard.



“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”


We still don’t have an answer for the job question, but at this point, we’d be fools to worry.


What miracles has God produced in your life lately?




  1. Every day is my “ordinary miracle,” just because I’m here. I continue to be amazed at how God has provided for our family’s finances, though; when I started working from home so we could start homeschooling/unschooling and get our daughter out of public school, we figured things would be tighter. But it’s like loaves and fishes – not only is there always “enough,” there’s been enough and then some!! It’s pretty amazing.

    So happy for your blessing in this area. What a wonderful home that will be! I’m a fairly new reader (and, in fact, new “schooler,” but I really enjoy reading your posts!

    • Thanks, I’m pretty excited. And I know what you mean about the finances. The past 3 years we’ve been heavily blessed and provided for in that department.

  2. Jessica, that is AMAZING!

    Chad and I have spent the last 2 days installed 450sq feet of flooring in our kitchen, Together. A lot of couples i know bicker endlessly on home improvement projects, but him and I work so well together! I actually prayed for this to go smoothly. Right at the beginning we snagged a piece of linoleum. Thought “no big deal, er, right?” and it wasn’t. It ended up going under the dishwasher and we didn’t plan it that way!

    Also, the little girl I am a CASA for was just adopted by her foster family. So much happened in the process that I know it was God, only God.

    • Oh, it would so not go well if Jeremy and I tried to lay flooring. Lol. I let him and my dad do that sort of stuff and I just stay out of the way and look pretty. ;)

  3. Jessica that’s WONDERFUL!! Praise the Lord <3

  4. Can I say that this gave me goose bumps. God is always there.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog from another homeschooling/unschooling blog I read. Read your first post and saw you are moving to Langley, where we also live. Look forward to reading more from you in the future and hope you enjoy this lovely part of the world =) Praise God for his provision in your move.

    • Awesome! You’ll have to shoot me an email so that we can connect.

      • absolutely. once upon a time I went to Trinity Western too. small world =)
        I have a friend that host a homeschool website in the area who is planning to unschool/waldorf style this september when her oldest starts kindergarten. her website goes all over the place but there are lots of members in this area as well. anyways heres the address

        good luck with your move and email when you’re up here and settled
        carlapeck (at) shaw (dot) ca

  6. Wow. That is so God. Praise Him!!!

  7. What a great God we serve!

  8. Awe! Jessica! You just confirmed to me a lesson God was speaking to me about yesterday in prayer. That I shouldn’t worry about how, or why, or when, but trust in Him & not lose sleep over it. And look what went and happened… He answered one of your unsaid frets. :) I’m so happy for you & your family!

  9. Aaaahhhh, Jessica! What a blessing just to read about this amazing providence! I’m rejoicing with you!

  10. Amazing. And you’re going to love Canada… Although I might be a bit biased. ;)

  11. This is just awesome! Praise God!

  12. Tears in my eyes as I am reading this. I’ve been experiencing some doubt with some things lately, and God has showed up every time and completely blown me away. Praying for you!

  13. Funny, I have Matthew 6:26-33 tattooed on the inside of my wrist as a reminder to myself. The verse came to me in a dream before I even knew what it was. God was speaking to me during a very difficult time for us. First baby just born, eviction notice, car repossessed all in a week’s time.

    On a side note…not to be negative at all- just cautious and caring. But, is the person in Canada able to make sure that this rental situation is completely legit for you? My husband and I found a too good to be true rental in New Haven, CT on Craigslist and the man said they were missionaries and wanted a nice Christian family to rent it for dirt cheap, etc. Come to find out a scam was brewing on Craigslist and it made the news a bunch of times. They wanted a deposit send in exchange for the key. It seemed off so we just moved on and looked for something else. Thankfully we didn’t fall prey to it. Be careful. Craigslist is like the Wild West. It seriously needs regulations.

    If this is totally on the up and up then what an awesome opportunity for your family. That would be ideal! I think I need to work on my fully trusting in God for provision. We have a rough time truly believing hE will come through in the clutch even though I know in my heart that it’s the truth.

  14. God rules!

    Just sayin’.


  15. Missy Beavers says:

    That is almost my exact story from 2 years ago…when we decided we always wanted to live in AK so why not do it. True enough we are back south now, but we certainly don’t regret the decision to sell everything we owned and take off with no job prospects. Within a few weeks we both had jobs, his actually transferred us to Fairbanks..we built up a whole new household, moved back down to lower AK with our stuff when summer work ended, then sold off all we owned once again and flew back home. After all this, and discussing it…we know clearly that God completely smoothed the path that led us there…and smoothed the path back. He already knew we would be needed here by family, so we think He chose to give us our dream for a year so that we would never wonder “what if” and then brought us home happy with many wonderful memories.

  16. Way. Cool. !

  17. That is totally cool!!! So did you advertise on Craigslist that you were looking for a place… because we are still in the process of moving ourselves… but with no place to go except maybe if we have to “slum it” we will… just hotel/motel style. ;-) But totally trusting the Lord to provide on this one here too! Congrats!

  18. Breanne Sproule says:


  19. Amazing! I don’t know how I missed this when it was posted originally but I got chills reading this. God is so great!


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