God gave me a couch.


A couple of weeks ago, Husband and I got in a hypothetical discussion – the very worst kind.


You see we’re, once again, discussing the possibilities for our family next year.  And one of those hypothetical possibilities involves a teeny tiny 3000 mile road trip.  Which should be a piece of cake because, after all, we’ve already done a 2,900 mile move before.  With  a 1 year old.  While I was pregnant. In August.  With no air-conditioner.  So this hypothetical go-round should seriously be a cake-walk. Right?


Until we start to discuss logistics.  Husband and I don’t always agree on the logistics.  Of anything.  Ever.


Which brings us to the couch.  You know, that couch I hate.  That couch that husband (bless him) picked out without me 10 years ago.  That couch that has been used and abused by four Wild Things.  That couch that I have to MAGIC ERASER.


Yeah, that one.


Me, in all of my slightly-selfish-logistical-genius, said that we should definitely throw it in a dumpster before/if we move.  I mean, I don’t want to stuff that thing in a U-haul, y’all.  It’s not worth the gas money to transport that far.  It would be easier to just replace it on the other end.  Oh yeah, and I hate it; There’s that.


Husband, in all of his nazi-frugal-zeal declared that we will never get rid of it, ever.  Unless a baby alien comes bursting from its loins like a scary movie, we’re keeping that thing till the end of time.  Because we already own it. “The only way we’re taking a different couch to *mystery-place*, is if one falls from the sky”, he boldly declared.


At which point I decided to be proactive and sincerely ask facebook the sky for one.  And also, God.


The very next Saturday morning, while we’re cleaning up our homemade pancake breakfast, with our perfectly pleated casuals on, and our hair pinned just-so to compliment our thankful smiles, I get a call.  From George.


“Weren’t you the one that wanted a couch? Some old guy just came up to the shelter and asked if anybody needed a couch.”


*(I’ve never clarified this point on here, but our church runs a small mens homeless shelter that that logistically-minded, Jesus-loving Husband of mine started a couple of years ago.)


“Um, chyeah!”, I said, classily.  And then grabbed my keys and my dad so that we could race to take a look at it before anybody else got their hands on it.

Yeah, something about like that.


Just before I arrive at my destination I get another call from George.


“I took a look at it”, he says.  “It’s pretty old school.  It’s covered in like flowers.”


At this point, I’m imagining the worst.


So imagine my immense surprise when dad and I strolled up to see the most beautiful couch in the whole world.  No really, absolutely gorgeous.  And vintage.  And my favorite colors.  That would match the mismatched, rag-tag furniture that we already owned.  Yeah.


And after Husband once again figured out a little logistics…


We welcomed a beautiful new member into our living room family.


And I gave the Wild Boys the old one to use as a trampoline or what-have-you.


Once again, God reminded me that he already knows what I need.  And even what I want.  Just like when he gave me new pots.  Just like when he gives the Wild Things new clothes.  Just like when he provides Husband with the means to support our family again and again.


I’m praying that my faith, and his blessings, continue to grow as I learn to let go and trust Him.


Has God given you anything lately?





  1. I had a couch slightly uglier up until last year. My husband had the same desire to never throw it away. When I finally conned him into buying new couches I tried to donate the old monstrosity to the salvation army… they would not, could not take it.

    Your new couch is absolutely adorable! I love the colors and vintage pattern. It looks great.

    • I am fairly certain that if we do ever try to get rid of it, no one will take it. It’s just too damaged and ugs. :/

      And thanks! I’m pretty much in all kinds of love with it. :)

  2. The Lord provided us with an amazing couch that exactly suited what I wanted about 7 years ago. It was kind of an amazing story– actually an absolutely amazing story but long. And then the kids got bigger and basically destroyed it (it was a red jacquard Harrods of London high back couch with no cushions that came off –cushions are my bane. This couch was amazing and NOT designed for a stay at home hard on furniture family.) So a few years back it went to some college kids who were just starting out and we got a futon, again and now we also have the original love seat of the horrid set we bought when we first moved in 11 years ago. And when we first got married we had a cream version of the one you just got. Jeez that thing was HEAVY. It is so funny how couches were such a huge deal once upon a time and how God provided and yet now… I am grateful for what He did yet … it’s just a couch.
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    • I’m fairly worried and certain that eventually the Wild Things will destroy this one. :/ But I’m going to enjoy gazing at it in the mean time. :)

  3. I love stories like this of God’s heart towards us. It’s easy to forget & this morning I am sitting in front of my computer, hiding from my own wild things, trying to finish my coffee & your story hit the spot. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. When we were young and dirt poor (even more than now) God provided us a beautiful day bed for our oldest daughter. She was an only child at the time and we had just moved out of hubby’s parents place. We had very little furniture. Our awesome church gave us a daybed and she used that until just a few years ago when we got a bunk bed for the girls to share.
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    • God has continuously provided us not only with the things that we need but the things we like and want. Always makes me feel loved.

  5. Oooh, I love this story! I had noticed that couch in a picture posted a few days ago, and I was loving it. Now it’s even more awesome! (I was actually kind of sad when I started reading this, because I thought you were about to say that you got rid of the vintage-y couch for the early 90s style pictured above. So glad that’s not the case.)
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  6. Wonderful to read, indeed we have a great God! God cares. A few weeks ago our car/bus was broken, and it will cost a lot of money to repair it. We doubt, and doubt what to do. My husband needed the bus for his job, but we didn’t have the money to repair it. But a friend repaired it, and the boss of my husband was very helpfull with the costs of it. When we had to pay the rest of the amount, my husband has exactly that amount in his purse… how amazing. God cares.
    (my english isn’t perfect…sorry ;-)

    • Like Jesus said, he God knows what we need, so why do we worry about it? :) Easier said that done most of the time, I know.

  7. God has provided us with more things than I can possibly list in a comment. One big one was a swingset. When my daughter started getting old enough to be able to enjoy a swingset, I starting thinking how nice it would be to have one. I thought, “if only I could afford just the small kind it would be something fun to have for the kids to play with.” Then one day a friend from church asked if we would like the one at her house. Her grandchildren had outgrown it and no one was using it. We just had to find a way to move it. It is a big set with a ladder and slide and a rock wall and my kids LOVE it. We had had it for about a year now and every time I see it, it reminds me that I had prayed for a way to get the kids a swingset and God provided through a friend at church. :)
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    • I love hearing stories about stuff like that. I think, as believers, we would be encouraged if we shared how God was working in our lives more.

  8. LOVE the new couch!
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