Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me – Link Up.


Believe it or not, even with all of my “transparency” there are things you don’t know about me. Seriously. And since there are quite a few new eyes around here, I thought I’d do a sort of getting-to-know you type post where I say things about me and then you say things about you. It’s a whole us-saying-things-to-each-other thing.


So, without further ado – Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me.


1. I Have a Funny Birthmark On My Arm


And a weird, pointy elbow, apparently. As secret birthmarks go, it could definitely be worse. Seriously, the longer I look at my elbow, the more deformed it looks. *shudder*


2. I used to have my tongue pierced.


Sadly, I cannot find photographic evidence of this anywhere on my computer or the internet. But it really did happen. I rushed out spontaneously with my best friend at 18 years old and got my tongue pierced at a pretty not kosher (in hindsight) little tattoo shop. Kept it for years until I finally just, I don’t know, grew out of it.


3. I Love My Name Is Earl


Not my classiest secret but I can deny it no longer. I love Earl and the whole gang. If you’ve never truly lived in the deep south you might not appreciate it but trust me – the caricatures are spot. on. Joy may be my favorite T.V. character of all time. And I don’t care what that might say about me.


4.I Can Sing Every Word of Jewel, Alanis Morisette or Fiona Apple’s early records.


Test me and see. I’ve got mad 90’s skillz


5. I had spinal meningitis when I was a baby.



Yep. Almost died and everything. But I didn’t. You’re welcome.


 Okay, now it’s your turn. Tell me 5 things about you and come link up so I can get to know ya better.


  1. Great idea for a post! Love it!

    I used to have my tongue pierced and just took it out when I was pregnant with Luna. I have a fear of dentists and every time I accidentally bit down on the ball, I figured I was one step closer to breaking a tooth. Out it came!

  2. My birthmark is/ was in one of those places you don’t show people.

  3. Sally Roach says:

    I am a recent devotee to Bohemian Bowmans so this should be easy since you don’t know anything about me. 1) I am a mother of two and a grandmother of six. 2) The grands call me Yia Yia. 3) I’m married to the most awesome man and have been for 41 years. 4) I got married when I was 18 so I’m still really young (ok, not so young) 5) We recently bought a tipi. I have a blog, but don’t get around to posting in a regular way.

    • Yia Yia? Is that pronounced like it’s spelled? Never seen that one before. :)

      • Sally Roach says:

        Yes it is. It’s a Greek name for grandma. I’m not Greek. My daughter decided she didn’t want her kids to call me grandma so she came up with that. It’s easy for the kids to say and I’ve grown quite used to it. It sort of fits me.

  4. Luv this post! Ok here goes, 5 things:
    1) I LOVE chicken and rice flavored jared baby food (with a dash of salt).
    2) I have a star shaped freckle in above my left boob.
    3) I also have a body piercing, in my belly button. However I did it myself when I was 16, with a sewing needle and lots of ice to numb the area (yeah, I know, not kosher either).
    4) I gave birth naturally to 2 of my 5 babies. The second was by choice at home. The first was totally by accident. He was born so fast that I had no chance to get an epidural (even though I begged for it). But I am glad it happened that way because it showed me that I had the strength to birth my baby all on my own and it inspired my home birth. ;)
    5) While in the subject of babies, I have been brestfeeding non-stop for 12 years straight and still going. :)

    • I am so impressed with you right now. Btw, I also did the self-piercing in middle school. Didn’t keep it long though. :)

  5. I can verify the tongue piercing! :)

  6. Sally Roach says:

    I just read why you moved to Canada and I’m kind of jealous that you live in beautiful BC. We kept a sailboat near Richmond for several years and made the trek from Kansas to Canada every late summer to spend a few weeks on our boat. On September, 11, 2001, our boat, Sonrisa, was anchored in a remote place called Blind Bay. There were two other boats there. And yet the bad news still reached us. A Canadian rowed over and told us. All I could think was that I wanted so badly to be back in the USA. The Canadians were so great though, and kind. If you must be in Canada, BC is the best, eh?

  7. Since you don’t know me, I could easily list five things (or 50 or 500…) that YOU don’t know…but on my blog? Since it’s really only read by about three friends and my sisters, and I talk a lot (too much), I really have a hard time imagining that I could come up with ANYTHING, much less five things. A couple of moles that only my husband knows about, but that’s about it…

    • Fair enough. :) There are a couple of old time friends around here that actually know all 5 of these things about me. But most don’t.

  8. hey! we don’t know each other but i saw Travis’ post and was inspired to post my own 5 things list.

    thanks for the blog spark today!

  9. My birthmark looks like a combination of the continent of Africa and Pac-Man.

  10. Julie Williams says:

    1) I have a peace sign red birthmark on my forehead-have worn bangs my entire life.
    2) My daddy was a prison guard and my mama worked for a mental
    3) I was married at 15 because of getting pregnant. It lasted 2 years.
    4) I have been married to my second DH for almost 29 years.
    5)I own and operate a Granite business in Florida…yes.. I am a woman in construction.

  11. 1. I can sing nearly every boy band song from the 90s because I worked at a pizzeria w/ a dozen teenage girls.
    2. I was on Bill Cosby’s murder mystery mini-series in 1994. Google it.
    3. I’m related to Robert E. Lee by marriage.
    4. My great-great uncle went to school w/ Winston Churchill.
    5. I almost killed our family in a car wreck 2 weeks after getting married.

  12. Salena Tucker says:

    1. My first kid was born when I was 29. I was so old, people were wondering if I ‘liked women’..haha no offense, that’s just how they worded it in my community. And I think its funny.

    2. When I was 4 or 5 months old, my then 3 year old brother set my crib on fire. I was in it. An adult cousin just happened to be walking in the door for a visit and saw me in the crib. But instead of getting me out, he called my mom from in the basement, and she ran up and grabbed me out. I didn’t die. :)

    3. That same mom ran away when I was one. She came back when I was 25.

    4. I need therapy (see items 1, 2 & 3) .

    5. My 6 year old has spina bifida. A low-grade kind, thank GOD. He can walk and run, but has re-occuring pain in his legs. Most people in my family don’t know that, and because he ‘looks’ normal, no one would guess.

  13. Salena Tucker says:

    Now that I’ve read the post right before mine, can I take my lame crap back?

  14. I love My Name is Earl! Remember when Joy married Crab Man, and the wedding cake was a bunch of snack cakes on layered platters? Why in the world did that show go off the air? Perhaps that’s part of the reason I got rid of our t.v. ;)

  15. Glad you survived! :)

    This link up is a great idea. Thanks!

  16. 1) I am double jointed with freakishly long fingers and toes….like I can pick stuff up off the floor with my toes without bending over freaky…
    2) I puffy glitter heart love peanut butter, mayonnaise and banana (sliced into “wheels” and not “logs” thankyouverymuch) sandwiches…on white bread…my ultimate comfort food…sue me…mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and pineapple ring (the canned type) sandwiches are a close 2nd
    3) I cannot sleep with socks on my feet…they can’t “breathe”
    4) My only phobia? Drowning while enclosed in a car *shudder*…I have VIVID nightmares of this at least every other month
    5) I had a large benign mass removed from my right breast at 20…there is a lovely 2 inch scar along my areola …I refer to that breast as “Frankenboobie”….this displeases my mother greatly…teehee

  17. 1) I used to have an AWESOME napkin collection. Napkins from restaurants all over the world. People would go on vacations and say, “What can I bring you?” and I’d say, “A napkin!” They’re free, they’re lightweight, and you’d be amazed what you can learn from a napkin collection.
    2) My napkin collection was lost in a military move. I like to imagine that someone, somewhere, is enjoying my unique collection and trying to find me. Of course, we’ve moved five times to five different states, changed our last name and our cell phone numbers, so the odds are not in my favor.
    3) I hate wearing jeans.
    4) I wish my (almost ex-)husband could just be a nice guy.
    5) I used to really really not like chocolate. Somewhere along the line I got over that. A lot.