Finding Joy In The Bad Days

 finding joy in the rainy days

Have you ever had one of those terrible, no good, very bad days?



Three Year Old wouldn’t. stop. whining. at every body  through breakfast.


When I tried to leave for the store, he insisted on going with me instead of giving me that time alone.  It took 2 hours instead of 1.


I bought him a kids hot chocolate at the Starbucks inside the store.  He repeatedly spilled it on himself.


In the middle of shopping, he needed to number 2.  We went all the way across the store before finding out that the regular bathroom was closed.  We crossed the whole store again before finding an alternative one.


When I got to the check-out counter I realized my box of canned soda had been leaking through the whole store, leaving a vanilla cola trail in our wake.  I spilled it on my foot dislodging it from the cart.


Fitting all of my merchandise into the cart was an ingenious, masterful doing.  And a puzzle that no one could ever put back together.  Including the bag boy.  So it took 2 carts instead of 1 to transport it all the to the car.


The wind was blowing like crazy when we got outside, making it nearly impossible to push the cart through the parking lot.


By the time we started to load the two carts worth of food into the back of the car, it was raining.



And for some odd reason, through all of this, I was perfectly calm.  Thankful.  Appreciative.  Patient.  What could have been a terrible, awful, no good, very bad day ended up being … an endearing adventure. 


Thank you God for the days when I manage to grasp that little thing called grace. And this little thing called life.