Don’t know what to send to your Compassion sponsored child? Send this. Stat.

My beautiful hippie friend over at Blogging from the Boonies has made me privy to yet another awesome goodie to send to our Compassion Kids.



HotPrints will let you print 4 free picture books a month.  You do have to pay 2.99 shipping for each book, which technically makes them not free.  But still makes them a hella good deal.


I ordered just one the first time, as an experiment.  I wanted to make sure the quality of the print was good before I committed to shipping more than one.


For reasons I’m not sure of, it took the first book a really long time to finally make it to my doorstep.  Like a month or more.  I literally thought it wasn’t going to come, that it has gotten lost in the cracks somewhere. (And yet I didn’t bother contacting hotprints because I’m lazy, it was only 2.99, and I didn’t care that much)


But it DID finally show up one day, to my surprise.  And I loved it.


So I quickly went back to the site and ordered 4 more (since by then another month had rolled around).  It works out pretty great for me, because I have 4 Compassion kids.  I decided to keep the first one on hand to show people in case I get a chance to do some freelance advocating for Compassion letter writing in person. :)


And apparently, Hotprints just wants to keep me on my toes, because this time the books came within a matter of days.  Surprising me again.




I designed them all differently.  Hotprints has a ton of choices, and it’s really easy to drag and drop your design.


I made a soccer themed one for my little Brazilian Luan.  Because what 6 year old in Latin America wouldn’t go gaga for futbol?



And I made various pretties for my girls.










There are 14 pages worth of pictures (and there are many different design choices for number of pictures per page, also.  I went with 2 large pictures for every page) but the book it still very thin.  Well within the quarter inch regulations for Compassion goodies.


I can’t WAIT to get these in the mail to my kids.  They’re going to absolutely love them.





  1. Nice!

    Part of me says, “I gotta do that!”

    and another part of me says, “I don’t need another thing to do!”

    I wonder which part of me will win….

  2. That is awesome, I think i’ll try it!

    • Jessica says:

      I get all excited thinking about how ecstatic all the kids will be who receive these. Woot.

  3. Aren’t they sweet! I don’t know how the company can make money selling them that cheap, but I am so glad I heard about the books on OurCompassion! You’re reminding me…. I need to make some more!

    Jill, it really is easy! Add pictures, drag and drop….

  4. I’ve been wanting to see pictures of these magical books. Thanks for sharing! Question: do you only use Facebook pictures or can you upload anything?

    • Oh, i forgot about that. I think I did have to use facebook pictures. Which caused me to have to upload some pictures to facebook – which I haven’t done much of since starting this blog. :)

    • I shared the books on my blog a while back. I was able to upload pictures directly. Just create an album then there was a tab to upload.

    • I just recently received the book that I made as a test as well and I was able to upload directly from my computer.

      • Jessica says:

        I should go back and check, it’s been a couple of months since I originally made mine now.

  5. I just finished making mine! It was totally easy…and I blogged about it…and linked to you. :D

  6. I love this idea. I’m going to try and get one of these made up asap for our little guy! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I read about these on OurCompassion and I too made a test book to see if I would like the quality of them. I was quite pleased with the turn out! An amazing deal that I am sure that the kids will LOVE to receive! Thanks for sharing again because you reminded me to go make the actual books to send down!

  8. What an awesome idea! Once the post gets off striking up here I’ll have to figure out if I can do some for my kiddo. Fun.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the awesome writeup! We’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed the books. I want to personally apologize for the long ship time on your first book. We experienced some shipping issues in the late April / early May timeframe but those have been resolved.

    Also, it’s not necessary to use your Facebook photos. You can also upload photos from your computer.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback about our service. We’re always looking to improve it and would be happy to hear your thoughts. (That applies to Jessica and all her readers.)

    Happy HotPrinting!

    Fred Jabbour
    CEO & President

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks! Yes, I must have gotten caught up in the delay from that time period. No harm, no foul! :D