Did You Know I Have Another Blog?

Some of you might be new around here so you might not know that I wrote a short parenting book one time. I like to call it gentle-parenting for beginners. It’s actually called Parenting Wild Things – Embracing the Rumpus. (By the way, I am oh-so-painfully-slowly working on the revised and expanded version with several new chapters and lots of new content. In my “spare” time. Sigh.)


ANYWAY, what you may not know is that I recently built a brand new site for the book. That’s right, it went from being boring ole www.bohemianbowmans.com/wildbook (<– doesn’t quite roll off the internet tongue, does it?) to a certified parentingwildthings.com. Yay.


AND in the transition I made the decision to add a blog to the book site. Crazytown, right?


Why? Why on earth would I add one more thing to my plate? Well, growing pains, that’s why. This beautiful space called Bohemian Bowmans needed to be redefined a bit, whittled down in purpose. I recognized that I wanted this place to be used equally for more serious and/or humorous writing.


But there was still plenty that I really wanted to say that was run-of-the-mill practical or informative, particularly in the arena of parenting. So that’s when I realized I need to split my personality a little bit for maximum efficiency. Or something. Really, it makes sense in my brain.


So I am now running consistent content on the Parenting Wild Things Blog. And by “consistent” I mean at least one new, relevant, awesome, post a week with an extra “what parenting articles I’ve been reading” type post once a week, as well. It’s bona fide, I swear. There’s even a Parenting Wild Things Facebook Page and everything where I share funny pictures, anecdotes, and articles. By the way are you following my parenting board on pinterest? I pin there more than anywhere else. (Wow that was a lot of car salesman ship in one paragraph. Whew.)


So anyway, if you’re a parent and you’re interested in gentle-parenting and you like people that blog that sort of thing then please go check out all of the above. And tell your friends! Pass it down. Whatever. Pretty please.


And to get you kick started, check out the post that ran Monday about how sometimes the offending child is the one that needs consoling and the post running today about my butternut squash pasta sauce that was kid approved.


Go! Please! And thank you!




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