Compassion Mail Call – Four Happy Dances


I haven’t talked about Compassion International recently so I thought I’d do a little happy dance for y’all. (The Happy Dance is the little hop and shake that Compassion Sponsors do at the mail box when they get a letter from their sponsored child. :D)


I’ve done four happy dances in the last week or so.  The first one was when I received a new picture in the mail of Ana in Columbia.  Ana is 16 now and we’ve been sponsoring her for 2 years.  I’ve corresponded the most with Ana and feel the deepest attachment to her.


Wallets and bookmarks!

I really like the new way that Compassion sends updated pictures of our kids.  This came with perforated wallets and bookmarks, and a larger picture, as well.



On one day last week I got 2 letters in the mail.  One from 12 year old Kakra in Ghana.  Among other things, she thanked me for paying her medical bills.  I don’t even know what that’s about!  But I’m glad that my sponsorship is helping in the needs in her life.



I also got a letter from little Luan in Brazil.  This was a special treat because I hear from him the least.  We don’t financially sponsor Luan, he is what is called a “correspondence” child.  Basically, he has a financial sponsor that doesn’t write him.  (Which, if you’ve been around here long, you know is one of the saddest things for a sponsored child)  So Compassion assigned me to simply correspond with him so that he knows someone cares about him and loves him.


Luan is only 6 years old, so he doesn’t physically write his letters yet but has a monitor that writes for him.  I was so pleased by this letter because it mentions that Luan always shares his “For a Friend” cards with his friends that don’t get letters. I get all teary just thinking about it!  It also mentioned that he loves the accordion album that we sent him in January.



As if that wasn’t enough happy dancing, today I logged on to the Compassion International website to find an updated picture of 20 year old Shila in India.  Squee!  This was also a particularly nice surprise because I didn’t expect to ever see another picture of Shila, as she’ll be leaving the program soon.


Rare is the week that I get to do a dance for all four of our Compassion kids.  In fact, this is probably the first time it’s ever happened.


Do you sponsor a child with Compassion?  You should seriously consider it.  We financially sponsor 3 children and correspond with a 4th.  And even though we’re unemployed (again…) sponsoring is still a priority for me.  I would be broken-hearted if I ever had to tell my kids I couldn’t sponsor them anymore.


Have you done any Happy Dances lately?


Visit for more info about sponsoring a child.



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  1. I do sponsor – and I just rec’d a note yesterday from him. He asked me to pray for his parents – they get sick often, and then he asked, “do you pray or go get medication”. I had JUST returned from the walk in clinic getting a round of antibiotics for an infection in my throat. It was 12 hours from when I noticed the white bumps. I felt like weeping!

    I am hoping to meet some compassion bloggers at Relevant this year !!
    Stef – Educating Layton recently posted..Does Google Friend Connect Really Matter ??My Profile

  2. woo hoo for happy dances! We got to do 3 happy dances on Saturday. Very cool that you heard from all 4 of yours in a week!
    Jill Foley recently posted..Too Small to Ignore – Chapter 9My Profile

  3. The last month has been boomin’ for letters. I loved reading about your happy dances! Thanks for linking up!
    As you know, we have 10 sweet Compassion kids in our life and my involvement with Compassion has inspired me to do what I can to help sponsors with their personal ministries to their sponsored children. Like you said, those letters are so important! Yes, the funding is necessary in order to help with education and medical bills and so on. But those letters are what helps each child to know that they are special and loved and thought of!
    In many cases, your letters do not just minister to your child, but to the entire family.
    Shila is so beautiful. Have you contacted CI to see if there is an exact date that she completes the program?
    Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies recently posted..Mail Call Monday!My Profile

    • Isn’t her picture lovely? I was so surprised and excited when I saw it. I don’t know the exact day she leaves the program, I need to contact them and ask. Her birthday isn’t until next april (she’ll be 21), so I don’t know if that’s a factor.

  4. I haven’t received any lately, but happy days for you!
    Amy recently posted..My FIRST loveMy Profile

  5. Yay!!! I sponsor my little Adriana, who will soon by 7 years old, and lives in Guatemala. I just got a cool mailing from Compassion yesterday that gives more detailed information/photos about where she lives. I get SO excited and also do the Happy Dance whenever I get a letter from her! And this makes me think: if we get that excited to get a letter from our kids, I can just imagine how they feel when they get our letters! <3

  6. We received two letters from our Compassion daughter in India (Nikita) in about a week, and then received one from our daughter in Kenya (Delinah). This was the first real letter we’ve received Delinah as we started sponsoring her in May. I love getting letters from them. Delinah is 20 and was telling us about her computer classes and how she wants to be a teacher.

    I say with confidence that even bad days are turned around when one of their envelopes shows up on our mail.
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  7. I was surprised to read that letter in Portuguese hahaha that was really sweet.
    I’m looking forward to get my first letter from a Palestinian boy I’ve been helping through this medical fund for the refugee children in the Middle East.
    It is such a precious feeling to know you are important to someone, somewhere, somehow, and that you can help them even though you’re so far away.
    Felipe Neumann recently’s not like thatMy Profile

    • Oh yeah, I totally forgot you must read Portuguese! Lol. So tell me, is it a good translation? :)

      • A good translation indeed! He must be a really cute, sweet little boy.
        The “square dancing” he mentioned is part of a cultural thing called “the St. John’s party”, when people gather all together and dance around bonfires. It is a religious party with pagan origins and obviously there are lots of yummy recipes for the celebration. (:
        I believe there is something similar in the american culture as well? I mean I know it is a worldwide thing but maybe with a few differences from country to country.
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