Hey. Sponsor a Child Through Compassion International. Yesterday.


Let’s cut to the chase. You should sponsor a child. Compassion International is an exceptional organization.  Really, exceptional.  Their integrity, their infrastructure, their accountability, their customer service – it’s above and beyond.


We’ve been sponsoring through Compassion for several years now.  Ever since that Singer Guy showed up at my church one time and tugged at my heart strings. Subsequently, I started obsessively following his blog and through the comment section I met Michelle.

Michelle has the most awesome princess-like Brave hair and the most tender, compassionate heart around. Through her site she taught me about the importance of genuinely writing to your sponsored children. Also, through her example we jumped off the sponsoring deep end and sponsored two more children, plus letter-writing to a fourth. I think at last count Michelle sponsors and/or corresponds with at least 13 children. And she writes to all of them more than once a month. Yeah. To say she’s committed to Compassion is an understatement.


Why am I telling you all this?  Well, besides to get you to sponsor a child. Because September is Compassion’s Blog month. Whichever of the Compassion Bloggers that has the most sponsorship come through their blog will win a free trip with the Blogger team in 2013. And darn it, Michelle deserves that sparkly prize.


Did I mention that she’s only been a Christian for a few years? That’s right, Michelle is my favorite reformed hippie. She was a pagan, dead-head, and even a Wiccan at one point before God wooed her to Himself. She found Compassion not long after this redemptive life change and she dove into the ministry head first and hasn’t looked back. Her site, Blogging From The Boonies, is wholly committed to finding sponsors for children and encouraging sponsors to write to their children. This is her ministry and it gives her tremendous fulfillment.


But Michelle has a dream.  A recurring dream, actually.  She longs to go on a Compassion trip. Several times I’ve gotten a private message from her telling me about her most recent slumbering adventure with Compassion. And that, friends, is where this post comes to a head.


I can’t say enough good things about Compassion or Michelle. So let’s kill a whole bunch of birds with one stone. If you’d like to sponsor a child through Compassion International click over to Michelle’s site Blogging From The Boonies and click through one of her many links to sponsor. Compassion tracks all these clicks from her site somehow or another and every child that gets sponsored through her site this month brings her one step closer to that Compassion Blogger trip she keeps dreaming about.


And really, sponsoring can change your life if you’ll let it.  We still sponsor two children and even though we’re in a financially uncertain place right now I would never consider ending my sponsorships. In fact, I think all of our children were sponsored during times of unemployment. $38 can make such a big difference to these children. So, get to clicking on Michelle’s site!


Michelle – Blogging From The Boonies


Thanks, guys.


P.S. If you do decide to take the Compassion plunge and sponsor a child, will you leave a comment and tell us a little about your child and your decision? :)




  1. I can’t thank you enough for the support, Jessica. I often think about how thankful I am for the friends I’ve made through the comments section of Shaun’s blog. I’ve come to know so many inspirational people, like you!

    Someday, I hope we can end up travelling together. I think that would just be the BEST!
    Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies recently posted..Four on my HeartMy Profile

  2. Watch out for that Michelle…she’s dangerous! http://compassionkids.blogspot.com/2012/09/meet-josphat.html
    Bev recently posted..Letter…sort of…from HenriqueMy Profile

  3. Michelle and her beautiful family have moved us in the many ways you had described. I’ve never seen such fruit in a church body as I have in ours because of the affinity she has for children in need. Her compassion is a passion that one can’t help being touched by.
    I had sponsored a child years ago through Compassion. It broke my heart when I could no longer come up with the funds to support him-the guilt and fear of disappointing a little heart. That guilt prevented me from taking that step of faith in sponsoring a child again. Well, Michelle’s example of faith, diligence, sacrifice, and the joy and love in sacrifice, have pushed my family ahead. We now sponsor a sweet little girl in Indonesia! It brings us such joy to write her, to support her spiritually and physically. My eyes well up as I cut paper dolls for her and place them in the little folder we made. Something so simple. She is so much a part of our everyday thoughts now-we are family.
    The Lord has blessed us with the many compassionate examples in our lives and MICHELLE is one of those saints :) We are praying that she will see the desire of her heart, meeting her Compassion child, come to pass. I can only imagine what the outcome would be? Possibly and even greater fire of Compassion!

  4. You have inspired me once again. I sponsored a child today. Thank you.

    His name is Elisha. He is 5 and lives in Tanzania. He had been waiting for a sponsor for 193 days. Today was his day to be chosen. He shares my Mom’s birthday.

    • Jennifer, you’ve brought such a smile to my face. I can just imagine that day, in the very near future, when Elisha is pulled aside and told that HE was chosen! 193 days is such a long wait for a little guy. Surely there will be rejoicing!

      Thank you for following your heart and reaching out to support Elisha!
      Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies recently posted..Four on my HeartMy Profile

  5. A absolutely agree that Michelle needs to go on a trip! If I was in charge of the trips, you would both be on my short list of people to invite. But I’m not in charge….

    I love that Elisha has found a sponsor through this post – Praise God!
    Jill Foley recently posted..A Letter to GodMy Profile

  6. I sponsored a little girl named Mercy today. She is 7 and lives in Uganda. Thank you for posting this and bringing this awesome opportunity in front of me :)
    Heather Cook recently posted..Journeys of Faithfulness Week 1My Profile

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