Chutney – Green, Fast, and Fantastic

Chutney is one of the many things I couldn’t believe I hadn’t properly encountered before visiting South Asia.


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Green chutney, or coriander chutney, is so easy to make. It doesn’t even count as cooking, it’s that easy. But its definitely something you need in your life. Especially if you’ve mastered making those parathas. :)


Chutney recipe


Chutney Recipe


What you need:

  • cilantro

  • garlic

  • chilies

  • tomatoes

  • salt


First, coarsely chop your cilantro, cut the tops off of your chilies, and peel your garlic.




Now add everything to your blender. We used two roma type tomatoes, two chilies, and a generous helping of salt.





Blend until gorgeous.


Chutney recipe


Seriously, that’s it. You’re done.


And it’s soooo good. Cilantro and garlic are two of my favorite things in the world so it’s not surprise that I love this stuff so much.


Pair with anything and everything!






  1. This sounds like a great recipe and definitely something I am going to try! I LOVE your blog and your story, that’s exactly the life I wanna have! Hahaha, no, seriously, having a big family and moving around a lot and therefore seeing so much from the world and being able to teach your children and family everything about cultures and respect, how cool is that?

    • I am completely addicted to this stuff, just made more today.

      And thanks. :) There are definitely down sides to the nomadic life but mostly we just feel blessed and enriched. We’re about to move again in a few days! Lol.

  2. This looks great! I love the homestyle recipes! I will have to try this one!