Christmas Reflections and Crochet Intentions


Christmas is over. It’s sad.


I stinking rocked Christmas this year. I mean, I feel like I squeezed all the juicy goodness out of it instead of being cynical and apathetic. Which is actually a pretty big deal. For me.


And as I’ve reflected on how much I enjoyed “the holidays” this year I stumbled upon a realization. I’ve become selfish. Okay, I was probably always selfish. But over the last few years I think I became . . . selfisher.


I can remember a time in my life when I was generous and others-minded. I’m not sure why I slowly sulked away from that disposition, but I did.


This Christmas reawakened in me the desire to create. I created coffee filter wreaths and picture ornaments and sugar scrubs and cookie butter. There’s something so life-giving about creating. I miss it.


Christmas also reminded me how much fun it is to give. I know this must seem SO OBVIOUS and I guess that’s because it is. But the old adage is true; it’s more blessed to give than to receive. We have received SO much these last few years. It’s been an amazing journey of providence and generosity. And I guess I just want to give back now.


So between the creating and the giving, December pretty much rocked.  And I determined to bring that into the new year.


I could not decide if I wanted my “One Word” for 2015 to be “give” or “create”. So I came up with a combination of the two:




Fourteen years ago when I was a newlywed my mother-in-law taught me the very most basic of crochet stitches. I took that new skill and made what has been affectionately referred to since then as the Ugly Christmas Blanket.


crochet christmas blanket single crochet stitch

I. love. Ugly Christmas Blanket. Not because it’s pretty, because it ain’t. I love it because I MADE it. Like, with my own two hands. Also because it’s soft and warm and a part of our Christmas tradition now. Every year I pull it out of the box of random Christmas stuff and remember a time when I created.


After making Ugly Christmas Blanket 14 years ago I put away my crochet hook never to pick it up again. I also promptly forgot the little I knew. I could not tell you how I made it. If you handed me a crochet hook I could use it as a makeshift weapon, at best.


So as my desire to create and give grew inside of me through the holidays I decided to learn. So on, literally, New Years Day I took a little trip with a friend to the closest craft store and stocked up on needles and yarn and can-do spirit.


yarn, crochet, michaels

And after a few days of practice and mistakes and youtube and my brain melting a little bit, I CREATED SOMETHING.


tiny hipster

An infinity scarf. And a tiny hipster.


I used this double crochet infinity scarf pattern that I found on Pinterest. Because obviously I have a crochet board on Pinterest now.


Crocheting is making me SO happy. Even when I have to unravel everything after an hour. Even the practice is satisfying. And the giving and creating possibilities make just want to do a little generosity jig. (That sounds like a great band name. Generosity Jig, coming to a hipster venue near you).


So there you have it, my One Word, or three.




Did you do a One Word for 2015?


Do you crochet? Do you have a favorite crochet blog? Can you SEND ME ALL THE LINKS?





  1. All you really need is to join ravelry. It has patterns, blogs, boards, a notebook to keep track of projects, yarn, hooks etc. Best place for knitters and crocheters of any skill level. I usually search for all my patterns on their when looking for a new project. So you should definitely check it out. And I agree, it is fun to make things and give them as gifts (always a big hit at baby showers especially)

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