What Will Children’s Church Look Like In The Future?

I’m guest posting today over at Seeking Pastor.  If you guys haven’t already, you need to check him out.  His Prophetic Thursday posts are side splittingly epic.


And this week while he’s on vacation, I had the honor of trying to fill his very funny shoes.  My prophesying abilities are not nearly as entertaining.  But I hope you’ll check it out anyway.


As a mother of 4 Wild Things children, it concerns me that there are really only two options currently in the world of Children’s Church.  The small church classic: “sit with your parents and draw on the bulletin while bearing down on a hymnal.”  And the cool large church: “Come on kids, big church is lame, come with us and we’ll give you your own praise band and children’s pastor.”

Hopefully the Children’s churches of the future will rectify this unfortunate situation.  Here are some suggestions from yours truly about how children might “worship” in the future.


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