The Grand Canyon Picture You Need

Going to the Grand Canyon? Let me give you some advice.


During our big west coast road trip the Grand Canyon was an obvious stop we needed to make. We had been a decade earlier when we only had one toddler.


The Grand Canyon

Before the digital photo age.


Since then we had added three boys to our family and everyone was finally old enough to actually remember the trip. Always a plus. Our oldest has been to so many places she doesn’t remember and always feels kind of gypped. I don’t know how many times we’ve been like “Oh, Barcelona – you’ve been there!”


But I digress.


You're tourist. Be a tourist. The cheesy picture you need to take a the Grand Canyon.


The Grand Canyon is an absolutely gorgeous place. And like most gorgeous places, that beauty doesn’t transfer to camera very well. You just can’t capture that kind of scope and depth with a lens. It’s so frustrating.


So, instead of coming home with the exact same picture everyone else has (which you could find for free online, btw) make some memories at the canyon by taking cheesy tourist pics.


The Perfect Grand Canyon Picture


You're tourist. Be a tourist. The cheesy picture you need to take a the Grand Canyon.


The grandparents may or may not love it depending on their aversion to heights. ;)


Let’s call a spade a spade. You’re a tourist. Be a tourist. Whip out that selfie stick if you need to. I find that I’m much less self-conscious being a tourist in my home country than I am abroad.


Disclaimer: No boys were harmed in the making of this photo. They were standing on a ledge and were no where near the edge of anything. :)


Grand Canyon


What is the cheesiest tourist picture you’ve ever taken? Did you travel when your kids were too small to remember destinations?



  1. Grand Canyon is one of these places shots will always look good!

  2. Love the kids “hanging” over the edge. Beautiful place.

  3. What a fun trip. I agree whole heartedly, these big open places are just so gorgeous but look flat and drab in pictures. Even video doesn’t do it much justice. Our biggest disappointment was sitting in the Hollywood Hills at a friends house with the gorgeous mountains miles deep behind us and then in the picture, just blah. Good thing they will be etched in our minds just as perfectly as they were in person. ;)

  4. I so can imagine why grandparents would be in “splits” over that pic. Cute.

  5. I would so be taking the cheesy photo too! It’s a must, right?

  6. Looking forward to visiting the Grand Canyon soon! Love the picture of the boys!


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