Cheap Christmas Cards For Everyone


Okay people, put on your frugal panties,  because we’re going on a cheapskate’s ride to Christmas this morning. Cheap Christmas cards? Oh yeah.  We are going to fill all our Christmas card needs for $1.00.  That’s right, just one dollar!


First, go to the Dollar Tree and pick through their selection of card boxes that are 2 for a $1.00.


I picked this neat Bethlehem-y one.

cheap christmas cards


Make sure there’s a simple, sappy message inside that you can expound on.

cheap christmas card ideas


While you’re already at the Dollar Tree, search through their sweet collection of decorative printer paper. Forty sheets for $1.00!

cheap christmas newsletter


Now, if you so choose, write a brief run-down of your year for friends and family who, basically, don’t have facebook.

cheap christmas stationary



Now, if like me, just the thought of the levels of coordination and cooperation that would be necessary for a bonafide, Christmas-Sweatered family photo leaves you with a bit of a headache, then find decent pictures of everyone from your year and crop some heads! Now pick a program to collage them bad boys together somehow. I did my simple simple version on photobucket.


Then I saved it as a picture file and copy and pasted it into Word so that I (my more technologically inclined husband) could adjust the size a bit to the length of my cards. And then we printed multiples on one page.


simple christmas collages


The results can only be described as a Bowman Bookmark.

photo collage bookmark


Whatevs. At least it’s practical.


Now add all of our card components to their envelope. Added bonus, the Dollar Tree paper is so cheap and thin that it’s see-thru! Which adds a little pizazz for everybody.



This is for my newlywed friends Chad and Jennifer.  Guess what Two Year Old calls them?

And now … TA-DA!




Using one box of cards, and half my 40 sheets of printer paper, these puppies cost me $1.00 total. Minus shipping. But very honestly, I whittled down the recipient list greatly this year. And more than half of them I’m going to hand deliver. So very little .44 sticky pieces of paper were needed.


Am I going to win any Better Homes and Garden awards for this? Nope. Do I care? Double nope. Are the grandparents going to care? Extra nope.


I gots Cheapskate Christmas spirit, y’all!




  1. It's not the cheapskate Christmas! Because I. am. not. A CHEAPSKATE! LOL!

    We are paring things down this year. A lot. Homemade gifts… more time than money. Etc.

    I didn't see the paper at our dollar tree today, but I will have to look when I don't have MY wild things with me! LOL!

  2. I maybe should have said, the printer paper wasn't exclusively Christmas themed, I had to sort through all of the flowerly, modern, designs to find one that fit my Christmasy needs. :)

    And you never know what Dollar Tree is carrying (or out of) what products. Gotta take what you can get for a dolla! :)

  3. faithlikemustard says:

    I'm feeling rather conflicted about Christmas cards this year. I used to own a photography biz, so my friends expect a photo collage card every year. (Something like this: I haven't done the math, but I have a sneaky suspicion that if I did, I would groan and think of one hundred better ways to spend that money. I'm considering an e-card and donating what I would have spent. E-cards….too cheesy?

    Just found your blog & love it! :)

  4. E-cards, WOULD be cheesy. :) And would defeat the purpose for me, since I basically reduced my list this year down to people who weren't very internet-literate. Lol. Almost no one who follow my blog or facebook is getting one this year, since they already pretty much know how my year went. So I guess maybe for the internet related friends an e-card would be appropriate after all. :)

    And I've very obviously lowered my creative Christmas standards with the cards this year. But who really cares, right? :)

    Loved that collage, btw. :) And I'm glad you found the blog. :D

  5. Great Idea! I’m not even doing cards this year. Just don’t want to deal with it.
    LaToya @ Christian Momma recently posted..Advent Season 2011My Profile

  6. Love this!! :)

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