Canada Or Bust

Soooo, yeah.  We’re officially not in Georgia anymore!  Sorry that I can’t update much from the road, we didn’t have access to internet the first couple of days and I have to be careful not to eat through my pitiful little dumbphone data plan.

It’s going great.  The first night on the road we stayed with my long time pen pal bff in Atlanta.  We’ve been friends since 5th grade. We stayed up talking until I ’bout lost my voice.

Today we took our lazy time traveling to Tennessee to stay with Mandy from A Bona Fide Life and her crew.  I haven’t snapped a picture of the two of us together yet, but here’s a sweet pic of her and Hunter.

The 7 bona fide bohemian Wild Things had a blast together and didn’t fight a single time all afternoon.

And only sustained minor trampoline injuries.

We even managed to get them all bathed and asleep at a reasonable hour. With a healthy amount of shadow puppet action.

Our first couple of days of travel have been pretty easy but tomorrow we have to get up and off much earlier because we have more ground to cover.  Our aim is to be somewhere halfway between Murfreesboro, TN and Hastings, NE tomorrow.  Easy enough, right?

Anyway, that’s all I got for now!



  1. Awesome,
    So great to hear from you. Praying for a safe, peaceful and uneventful trip (except for wonderful high points). Canada is waiting for you.

  2. Michelle Pf says:

    You know that staying up all night and talking thing. . . . And, if you’re planning on saying with friends and fam all along the way – I would imagine that is going to be the standard, and the only real sleeping you’d by doing is in the car all the way to Canada. At least that is how it would be for me. Blessings on your path!