Canada Or Bust Part 5


Day seven of our cross-country journey is over and it may have been the best day yet.  Y’all must have gotten to praying or something after my tired post from yesterday because today was basically lowered down to me by angels.  No one fussed, no one whined, and the view was to die for. Four Year Old was the kind of adorable that makes single people want to make little Four Year Old’s of their own.


We finished out Montana, hopped over the panhandle of Idaho, and landed safely just inside of Washington state.



Had another scenic rest area lunch.


And, as usual, Eleven Year old found an animal to pet.  She finds one every day.


We officially had to pull out the jeans and hoodies about a day ago.  Because of how it’s cold.  Like super windy, 54 degrees, and rainy.  A far cry from the 80’s and 90’s we left in the swamps of Georgia.  Yay pacific northwest.



Anyway, we’re in Spokane Valley tonight and all doing well.  It’s flippin cold.  I can’t believe we’re almost there. Tomorrow we plan to finish out our state side travels so that Saturday all we’ve gotta do is cross that border and become official immigrants.  Weeeee.




  1. Betteanne says:

    I am so excited for you all! You are my hero right now! I would love to travel cross Country! That is amazing you did so much in 7 days. I am in awe!
    My son-in-law is in Vancouver a lot on Business and it is beautiful there my 2 married daughters tell me. I hope one day I can see it! :o)I thank GOD you made it so far safe and sound~ and pray for continued traveling mercies Jessica! :o) Keep us posted!

    • Jessica says:

      I wish we had had time to do more than just snap pictures from the car, but we were on a time limit! Still a fun trip, though.

  2. dan mcm says:

    Yeah…. 54 and breezy, some rain mixed in. Give it a year or two and your kids will be saying that’s tshirt weather. No joke!

    Beautiful country to be sure…..

  3. Oh man!! You came right through Spokane and I didn’t know till after! I live in the valley even! Ah well, I know it was cold cruddy weather but I hope you don’t think this is normal for Spokane! We have had a delayed winter/spring this year. Looking forward to some sunshine! Praying you adjust to Canada easily. :)