Canada Or Bust Part 4

That’s a long way, yo.


Today was day 6.  Six!  It really doesn’t feel like we’ve been on the road that long in most ways.  But in other ways … um, like my sanity, I’m starting to feel it.


Although we didn’t have any diarrhea ditches today, and the most dramatic thing that happened was one of Six Year Old’s infamous nose bleeds, in the backseat (that was a fun emergency exit), I’m just … tired.  I think the gradual time change is finally getting to me.  At 8:30 tonight my body definitely felt like it was at least 10:30.  Plus, I’ve been consuming much less caffeine than usual, which is sort of unfortunate, but I’m trying to restrict my fluids and reduce the number of restroom breaks.


Also, I’ve been getting a slow sunburn without fully realizing it.  Apparently, 6+ hours of indirect windshield sunlight a day eventually starts to burn fair-skinned people like meself. So I pretty much felt like heat was radiating off my face by the end of today.  Think it leached some energy out of my immune system or something.  I dunno.


Plus, the Wild Things are growing weary of the trip, I think.  Because of the no-air conditioner, windows-down, loud-car situation, they can’t talk to me easily all day.  Which is particularly hard for Four Year Old.  So by the end of the day all. they. want. to. do. is. talk.  But by then my brain is fried.  Like Capital Fri, Captial Ied.  Basically, I’m over stimulate and they’re … under stimulated?  So I need all this alone time and they need lots of attention.  Not a good combination.


Anywho, only a couple days left, at any cost.   And, no matter the stress, the scenery has been pretty.


I had intended to say a lot more words tonight, but that’s all I got.  Pretty pictures of mountains.  And I”m done.


Hopefully I’ll be more articulate tomorrah.



  1. Almost there! Hooray!

    Btw, I found a photo cd earlier tonight (I’m trying to go through things and sort and throw/give away). And there were pictures on it of 4 year old’s 1st birthday? (I’m pretty sure that’s it cuz he is tiny and in a high chair with cake smushed all over his face.) Pretty funny stuff. Hard to believe that was 3 years ago. Yeesh.

  2. Be really careful with being sunburned and restricting fluids…dehydration could be part of the “fried” problem.
    We’re still praying for you guys! <3

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, I think that might have been a factor. But today I put on the sunblock and drank the waters and felt much better. Four Year Old being a doll helped, too.