Canada Or Bust Part 2

Sooo, this morning we left Mandy and her bona fide crew in Tennessee.

Today was much longer than our first two days and, consequently, much more boring.


We managed to snag at least corners of Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. I’ve driven through Illinois in the summer at least twice now (the first time on our move from California to Maryland) and I have to say … it doesn’t exactly titillate the senses.  No offense to Illinoisians.  South Georgia is boring to drive through, too.  It takes one boring stretch of road to know one, I guess.


And it probably wouldn’t be quite so boring if we weren’t such poor hillbillies on a road trip.  Because it was too expensive to get our air conditioner fixed, we have to travel with the windows down.  (Btw, the trip has been marvelously cool so far)  Which makes our journey awfully loud.  So we can’t listen to the radio or anything fancy like that. (Although we did splurge and purchase cheap headphones for each of the Wild Things to listen to their donated gameboys and dvd players)


The highlight of today was briefly passing through St. Louis. We couldn’t stop because we had a goal to make today, but we did spend a few minutes desperately trying to capture the perfect arch picture through a Durango window on the freeway.


And we stopped at some random state park in Kentucky to eat our standard peanut butter and honey sandwiches.


Overall the trip has been good so far.  The aforementioned windy loudness makes for occasionally annoying stretches when Wild Boys in the 3rd row want to ask inconsequential questions that you can’t quite make out so repeatedly ask them to yell at you while you crane your neck backwards to read their lips.  But what’dya gonna do?


Tonight we’re staying in the middle of Missouri somewhere in a high class Quality Inn.  It’s the first hotel we’ve had to stay in and I surprised myself by asking for a discount and landing the stinkin’ Presidential Suite on a Sunday night in June for slightly less than the price of two conjoining rooms.  Though let’s be honest, no president is ever staying at the Quality Inn.  Still, it’s a heckava lot nicer than your standard hotel room and the kids thought we were basically royalty. Tiffani from Free Play Life would be so proud of my price negotiating.


Annnd, tomorrow we’re aiming for the middle of Nebraska where we’ll be staying with Vanessa from Natural Family Today and her sister Aadel from These Temporary Tents (both are writers for Christian Unschooling, also).  Oh, speaking of which (sort of. not really) I had an Unschooling Portrait go up at the end of this past week so you should go check it out.


I have several posts scheduled or guest posted out this week and in the next couple.  I won’t be around to promote them much though, so I hope you find them.  (Btw, did you read The Seeking Pastor’s guest post this past Friday about taco bell and Jesus?  I hope it doesn’t cause your girlfriend to have to change your relationship status to “it’s complicated”.)


ANYWAY, I really have to get off of here now and go to sleep.  Because of the whole #CanadaOrBust thing.  Hope to update y’all again soon .



  1. Praying travel mercies for you and yours. It’s so great to hear of the love being shared in the Christian Unschooling community. The pic of the Arch is lovely.

    • Jessica says:

      It’s been a lovely surprise to be able to meet some CU friends in real life.

  2. South Georgia has the most boring road I have ever traveled. Of course I have never been west of Ohio so not much to go on. Praying for awesome blessings on your trip.

  3. Glad your trip has been going to great! I miss you guys already and its not even our regularly scheduled waycross trip!