Canada Day at Fort Langley Historic Site


Happy Canada Day, eh?  That’s right, we’re complete traitors now and have rejected The Fourth of July and have replaced it with maple leaf love.  Although really, it’s not that much different.  Canada Day is pretty much The Fourth.  With less blue.


We decided to visit the Fort Langley Historic Site, which is just minutes away from the campus, because admission was free in honor of Canada being born and stuff.


It’s a pretty snazzy place where you can learn about the early settlers that were with the Hudson Bay Company and the local aboriginals (which is Canadian for “American Indian”).  Essentially, it all adds up to a Pioneer Day type thing.


Weeeee. Have I mentioned how much Six Year Old likes group pictures? . . .


We watched some bona fide black smithin’.


Did some log sawin’.


Rested our laurels around the campfire.




Met French dogs.


Weeded the garden.


So we could feed the pigs.


Listened to some Reggae.


And Blue Grass.


Watched a musket firin’.


Competed with some goats and sheep for adorable points.


Explored some ole timey houses.


Tugged a lot of war.


Panned for gold.


And learned a little about fur tradin’.


Whew!  Not bad for a day of free entertainment, eh?  That night we also went to see some local fireworks (the likes of which didn’t start until 10:30 because of how the light likes to linger this time of year) where we were able to stand next to a lovely bunch of young, drunk Canadians who were talking quite loudly and classily about things I definitely wanted The Wild Things to overhear.  Or not.


Oh well, pretty close to a perfect day anyway.  Go, Canada!





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