Camping in Squamish, British Columbia

Camping in British Columbia is amazing. It’s never too hot, there aren’t a lot of bugs bothering you, and it’s impossible to not be surrounded by gorgeous scenery.


Camping in beautiul British Columbia.


Paradise Valley Campground in Squamish, British Columbia is an amazing place. We went there two years in a row to camp with a big group.


Camping in British Columbia


Camping in British Columbia


British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve said it before, but it really feels like traipsing through an enchanted, fairy tale forest.


Camping in British Columbia.


There are a lot of amazing trails in the area, many accessible by foot from Paradise Valley.


Camping in British Columbia.


We basically hiked up and over a mountain to get to a cold, clear lake. I wasn’t brave enough to dip my toes in but little boys are impervious to cold. :)


Camping in British Columbia


One of the fun things about camping at Paradise Valley Campgrounds is the rock painting.  The front office provides free paint and brushes and encourages you to paint any rock small enough to fit in your hand.


Camping in British Columbia


The campground is covered with painted rocks which gives it a fun, whimsical atmosphere. They’re stuck into trees, sitting on stumps, surrounding the fire pits of each campsite – it’s really neat.


Camping in British Columbia


My daughter painted quite a few with some friends.  I thought they were pretty cute.  Except I thought the marshmallow was a tropical fish and Husband thought it was a turkey. Art is open to interpretation, right? Of course, in typical little girl fashion, she couldn’t part with her artwork and we ended up sneaking some painted rocks home in our bags.


Camping in British Columbia

A barn owl, paw print, and marshmallow roasting.



I definitely recommend camping in the Squamish area of British Columbia and checking out Paradise Valley Campground.


Do you love to camp? Hate to camp?




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