Campbell Valley Park in British Columbia

British Columbia is seriously one of the most beautiful places ever. And Campbell Valley Park is a great example of what we loved about BC. Just a simple, unassuming little trail minutes from our house.


campbell valley park


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place live up to it’s motto more: Super, natural, British Columbia.  It really is like stepping into a fairy tale world. In fact, if you’ve ever watched the popular show Once Upon a Time, you’ve stepped into the magical, super, natural world of British Columbia.


campbell valley park


Even though the winters are wet and cold, it never stopped us from getting out and onto trails. Even in winter, BC is green and beautiful. Perhaps even more so with everything gleaming from the most recent shower, or sprinkled with snow.


What We Loved about Campbell Valley Park


Well, again, you can’t deny the beauty. It’s also located very conveniently if you’re in the Langley area. This was one of the closest trails to our house, mere minutes away. We also dabbled in the fine, Canadian art of geocaching here. (We found that geocaching was big with a lot of our British Columbian friends.)


But our absolute favorite part about Campbell Valley Park were the local residents.


campbell valley park


BC is teeming with wildlife from giant slugs, to raccoons, to coyotes. But, thanks to the influence of my husband, what we’re really interested in is the birds.


campbell valley park

All lined up for a photo op and looking at a bird instead.


If you stumble onto a group of Bowmans in the wild you’re sure to find at least one pair of binoculars and a bird book. So what makes Campbell Valley Park so special for bird lovers?


The extremely accommodating chickadees.


campbell valley park


And if you’re lucky, an elusive nuthatch might accept your wares, as well. Visitors to Campbell Valley are often found with a bag of bird seed, getting up close and personal to one of nature’s cuter critters.


Campbell Valley Park in British Columbia.


There are a lot of things to do with kids in the Vancouver area and we frequented several locations to satisfy our bird watching needs, but Campbell Valley was the only one that made us feel like Cinderella.


Have you been to super, natural British Columbia?



  1. Jenny Anderson says:

    Ok, when did you live here? I think I need a time line.

  2. Stunning and spot on with the fairy-tale, my daughter would love this

  3. Love how the kids are included in this post. Looks like a great, interactive hike.

  4. campbell Valley Park looks gorgeous and if that’s a good example of what the rest of BC is like, we would love to go there NOW :-) lovely pictures of the kids and the bird feeding from your hand, and the forest does look magical!

  5. I really enjoy the uniqueness of these trees and how closely you were able to interact with the wildlife. Having a couple of young children, I really want them to experience the world like this.

  6. I love our PNW parks! We usually just head up to the mountains or into Vancouver and don’t really explore too much else in southern BC. This sounds like an awesome kid-friendly stop next time we cross the border.

  7. Allison Fun Family Vacations says:

    Such a beautiful hike! So many places to add to our list.

  8. We are heading to Vancouver around September time, do you know how you would reach this place from the city?

    • It’s in the suburb of Langley. Should be easy enough to find. Although if you’ll be in Vancouver there are much better trails (though no bird-feeding). Don’t miss Lynn Valley Canyon and Stanley Park.

  9. Seems like a beautiful trail… nope – never been to BC but it is on my bucket list! :-)

  10. scmacleod says:

    What a fantastic family exploration. Thanks for documenting ti so well.

  11. Oh, this is so much fun. Love the interactivity with animals here. Would really enjoy feeding the birds too. Nicely captured.

  12. lilistravelplans says:

    Oooh it’s so nice to have places like this right next to your house! :) Looks beautiful!!

  13. prianka42 says:

    I grew up in Ontario and somehow never made it out west. These beautiful parks remind me that I definitely need to do that one day. That’s really cool the birds are totally calm with going and sitting on your hands! I would have expected them to be much more skittish.

  14. Scenic! Truly!

  15. I’ve heard great things about BC, the nature there looks so magical. It’s like you were walking in an enchanted forest!


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