Cadillac Ranch – What No One Tells You

Cadillac Ranch is one of those road side attractions with a cult following. Everyone’s heard of it or caught a snippet about it on some random travel show.


What I wish I knew before going to Cadillac Ranch.


When I was planning our big road trip in 2013 and realized we’d be in the neighborhood of this phenomenon, I worked it into our schedule. This is definitely one of those times when expectation and reality collided. Here’s what I wish I had known before going to Cadillac Ranch.


1. It’s In The Middle of Nowhere


Cadillac Ranch


Okay, maybe I did read that somewhere when planning our trip but I didn’t understand just how middle-of-nowhere. It’s literally in the middle of a field. There’s no sign. There’s no snack stand selling magnets. You park on the side of a state highway and walk out into a field.


In fact, we passed it altogether at least once. And we were looking for it. Hard. If you weren’t making a concerted effort, you’d never know it was there.


2. It’s Trashed


Cadillac Ranch


It’s hard to tell from this photo, but there’s garbage everywhere, mostly in the form of empty spray paint cans. Probably because there’s no garbage cans anywhere. In the middle of the field. That you’re in.


Not only is there trash on the ground, the cars themselves are torn to pieces. They’re really beat to crap and full of sharp edges and bent metal.


3. It’s Really Windy!


Cadillac Ranch


Which makes it nearly impossible to spray paint on the cars. The wind can be quite crazy in this section of Texas. My first several attempts to use the spray paint, literally, blew away. I had to spray extremely close to the car which caused a lot of runny bits. I also set the kids lose with spray cans and I think they got paint on everything but the cars.


Cadillac Ranch


I’m still glad we visited Cadillac Ranch. It was a lot of fun, especially for the kids. And it’s another experience in the old memory bank.  But I wish I had know these tips before we showed up.

Have you been to Cadillac Ranch?



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  1. hahaha nice to read your experience there. Knowing all this before going there certainly makes a lot of difference. Why don’t they put some trash cans there, it’s a shame. I’ve never been there, but heard about it before :D

    Thank you for sharing it on #MondayEscapes

  2. Jennifer says:

    Actually, there are two dumpsters that sit right outside the field by where you park specifically for this purpose. Also people go out several times a month to pick up the cans that people lazily leave.

    • Definitely missed those, good to know! I figured someone must be regularly coming around to clean up or it would be a lot worse.