Boys Are Loud. I Don’t Know If You Know.

Please. Be. Quiet.


My house is loud.  My boys are loud.  My life is loud.


And I don’t like noise.  Convenient, yes?


Noise is the one thing that is most likely to unhinge my mommy nerves and send my impatience bursting out of my mommy jack in the box of built up stress.


Every lego that drops to the floor, every castle that tumbles, every chasing game incased in only 1200 sq feet of living space, every fight that breaks out over a favorite light saber or video game.


I can’t make my boys not be loud.  Loud is who they are.  It can’t be changed except with maturity and age.  So, in the mean time, I suppose I must change myself.  Since supposedly, between them and I, I’m supposed to have the market cornered on those two things.


So, I quit doing dumb crap.  Like trying to write in the same room with the rumpus.  Why I have I been doing that?  Stupid, stupid.


I retreat to the next room with my magic writing machine.  And turn on Pandora. And try not to grind my teeth with the involuntary jaw clenching that happens with each crash and scream.






I couldn’t resist The Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt today. :)







  1. I’m a mom of three boys, no girls. Yup, I’ve had to learn (still learning) to adjust, even with simple actions like leaving the room when they wrestle with Dad!

    • I have three boys and one girl. But the girl is oldest and rarely the cause of the noise. :) And oh yeah about leaving during wrestling. : )

  2. I have 3 girls and a boy and it’s still loud. Push me over the edge loud.

  3. yep, i know this loud, even though i have three girls and one boy. it may be a different kind of loud, but it. is. incessant.
    loved this post. and i, too, am having to learn to live within and learn to give thanks for the loud.
    have a great weekend!

  4. We heart your loud boys. And we never actually realize they are loud until we are in the car heading home. lol. But they are so funny and entertaining and smart. we embrace your rumpus. :)