Bohemian Bowman’s Guide to Beginner Blogging!


That’s right, y’all.  The Bowman Bowmans are releasing an eBook about blogging for beginners.



Chock-full of useful information and alliteration, Bohemian Bowman’s guide to Beginner Blogging is a treasure trove of soul-soothing advice for the newcomer, if I do say so myself.

The release date hasn’t been set yet, but I’m aiming sometime by the end of summer.  Stay tuned!  Until then, click the link above to visit the Beginner Blogging Book website for a sneak peek.


I’m not going to be around much for the next couple of days as we move into our new house, so while I’m gone spread the word for me, will ya? :)




  1. I yam sho eckshyted about thish that I yam shlobbering and am therefore unable to type correctly. *shlurp*
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