Bohemian Bowman Christmas Wishlist 2013



So I know I’ve all but abandoned this blog. It’s not you, it’s me – I swear! I’m just really really busy working three part time jobs. Which feels curiously like working a full time job. Or more.


But I several people have asked us about doing another wishlist. I think y’all miss being able to help out that way. Soooo, I’ve created another Christmas Wishlist. We had such a lovely #birdsoftheair Christmas last year in British Columbia. It was awesome, and in part because of our wishlist. You can find our new wishlist at the link below:


Bohemian Bowmans Christmas Wishlist 2013


The list this year is mostly “wants”. Movies, legos, etc. Stuff we or the Wild Things would be excited to open. Feel free to use it if you feel led. We will greatly appreciate anything.


And, as always, you can also donate through paypal to the email address


But what we REALLY want for Christmas, what we really need, are partners to launch and sustain our future work in South Asia. We can’t do it without partners! Please email me and I’d be happy to tell you more about our future.



Thanks for always being so awesome. And patient in my very busy absence. You guys are the best.



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