The Birds Are Still In The Air


I know I haven’t updated y’all in awhile but rest assured that God is still providing like a boss.


We’re currently at 12% financed for our assignment to South Asia. That might seem small to you but we spent about 6 months at 1.3 % so we’re PRETTY STINKING HAPPY about 12%. We have about 5 months to reach 50% so we’re allowed to attend a required training this summer.  (RELATED: if you would like to partner with our future in South Asia, please email me. For serious. Like yesterday. Because Bible Translation.)


In a couple of weeks we’ll be moving “into town”. That means saving us a 20 minute one-way drive every time we go anywhere. Can you say gas money? We’ll be moving back into our old house (that Jeremy’s parents own). Which is fun because moving back into familiar territory isn’t usually our game.


The only quirky part is that . . . oh yeah, we don’t own anything. You remember when we sold everything before we moved to Canada, right? So we’re super trusting in God to fill an entire house with borrowed goods. We’ve put the word out and so far we have promised:


Three beds.

Three couches

One recliner

One table

Six Chairs

A catering trailer full of kitchen stuff.


Once again I’m reminded that God is good and that people are pretty awesome also.  So in light of His ability and desire to give us good gifts, we are praying and trying to stay calm and trust that He will provide us with the financial partners we need to fulfill our needs so that we can leave for South Asia.


Insert trust fall here.




  1. Jim McGuckin says:

    Our family is currently trusting in God to get us to Arizona. So while I can’t relate to trusting Him to get me to Asia, I know the stresses of waiting on His will and His timing. Pray for us as we pray for you.