Birds Of The Air: Apples, Juice, and a Table of Awesome.

birds of the air

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?


-Matthew 6:26


Okay, confession time. I never thought this whole amazon grocery wishlist would last. I made the thing on a whim and didn’t think much would come of it. Then last summer when the first couple of giant shipments of food arrived in the mail I was all “Whoa”.


But  because I have SO much faith (#sarcasm) I was also like, “Okay, this thing is going to fizzle out pretty quickly.”


So imagine my surprise when week after week, month after month, packages kept showing up for little ole us. It became the normal to pick up at least 3 boxes of food a week from the mail. This became my favorite email to show up in my inbox.



But, in the last few weeks it’s finally, after 6 months, slowed down. Last week, for the first time ever, zero parcels came. I tell myself that it’s because of the holidays, of people adjusting to the New Year, etc.  That it will pick back up, that everyone assumes someone else is doing it and so they don’t need to. These things are probably true.


Again and again, I feel like God is trying (patiently) to teach me that he’s not limited by circumstances.


I was hoping to get some oatmeal, pasta, or cocoa in the mail soon. Instead, it came from a local couple moving out of the country. Plus some.




It gave me a sense of reassurance to know that even if no one ever again orders from the grocery wishlist, God still has the power and ability (and desire) to provide for us.


We also ended up with a bit more fruit and some juice after having people over for a pancake-fest one night this week.




If you’d like to order from our amazon grocery wishlist the things that would be most beneficial to us right now are oatmeal, black beans, garbanzo beans, and coffee.  Things that would just be fun are cereal, crackers, and granola bars.


Thank you guys for helping to support us these last 6 months. We’re looking at another 7 or 8 months up here in beautiful British Columbia before Jeremy has all the classes under his belt to qualify to work overseas.  Then who knows where we’ll be off to. Or what we’ll be eating :)


(P.S. While writing this post I got an email informing me that I got a parcel. #birdsoftheair)




  1. Look at you, girl! God is SO good!
    Bethany recently posted..five things…My Profile

  2. In times of need, God provides so that we are reminded to give in times of abundance. We are currently experiencing a time of abundance (at least with groceries and finances) right now so I need to remember that this is the time to bless others. God is so faithful!
    Aadel recently posted..Are We Teaching Abstinence Wrong?My Profile

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