Birds Of The Air

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

-Matthew 6:26




It’s really good for me to have to go back and write these posts each week. It’s so easy to let the unamazing parts of life drown out all the many blessings that a week can hold.


The biggest gift this week has been growing friendships. As much as I claim to want and need community I’m pretty bad about keeping people at arms length.  And I’ve done a lot of that this week, keeping people at bay. But even so a few have gotten through.


I finally got to share a coffee with the lovely Mrs. Sarah Bessey. She is so gentle and kind and empathic. For the first time since moving I felt like I was sitting in the room with someone who completely understood how I felt. It’s that writers bond, I suppose.



We had a couple from church over one night for dinner and a board game.  My favorite thing about these two is that I can be completely myself around them and laugh unabashedly. I need a lot of laughter in my life so it’s a big deal when I can find someone who gets my sense of humor and who I can be less guarded around. I totally won the game, btw.



Friday the ladies from my small group got together for drinks and a chick flick. I don’t know any of the ladies very well so it was good to get a little more time with them. Plus I got to see Jude Law kiss people, so there’s that.


Saturday our church had a children’s Christmas party. It was great for the kids, they don’t have a lot of connections since we’re sort of isolated with homeschooling. They had a great time and we got a fully decked out Christmas meal out of it, including leftovers to take home.


Mashed potatoes,fruit, veggies, rolls, and cookie dough.


Eleven Year Old turned into a full fledged Twelve Year Old this week. She received a couple of packages in the mail from grand parents and such. She doesn’t want much from life so the few small gifts she got did the trick, including these bracelets from Kenya.



Someone gave me a certificate for a free Christmas tree. We probably won’t cash it in because Jeremy hates live trees, but it was nice that they thought of us.



Yet another person from church took the time to reach out this week when they dropped off some Timbits, Coffee, and a Safeway gift-card on my doorstep. Have I mentioned lately that Canadians are nice?



And that’s about it.  I do know of 3 Amazon packages waiting for us across the border right now but I haven’t worked up the energy to go fetch them yet so they’ll be in next week’s Birds Of The Air, I suppose.




  1. You two are so cute in that picture. What a great idea for a link up, by the way.

  2. I’m not able to link up via cell phone but, i did want to share. Yesterday (and it was only Monday!) a friend came by to help me out because I hurt my back. That was a gift in and of itself. But, she told me to send my hubby over to their home later to pick up some things she had for us:
    Gluten free pancake mix,
    GF pizza crust,
    GF chocolate cake mix,
    GF biscuits,
    Rice, dry split peas and lentils,
    Flax meal,
    Brand new toys (in boxes)from a home party she did that were left over for us to wrap up to give to our boys for Christmas ( i looked them up and it was nearly $60 worth of things)

    And last week we were blessed with a TV from my husband’s co-worker and a couch from the dear people across the street (their boys ever carried it over!)

    God has really opened the floodgates these past few weeks!

  3. Jenny Anderson says:

    Hates live trees? Do you know how good it is to be gone all day and then come home to the woodsy smell of a white pine in the living room, and then to turn on the lights and enjoy having the kids put the ornaments on? It is a wonderful experience. It makes looking in the cold lot for more than an hour and turning on lights and throwing half away and having no less than 3 ornaments break, with everyone in their bare feet, worth it. It’s what Christmas time is all about.

  4. I love seeing how God’s grace and the community He calls us to lives out in your lives.

  5. So loved meeting you!