The Birds Of The Air Road Trip!

Bohemian Bowman Birds Of The Air Road Trip


You guys. Just look at that picture. Can we all just take a moment of silence for this ridiculous. image. In three days we start our 4th cross-country move via a fairly epic road trip. Fifteen nights. Eleven destinations. Aghhhh!


I’ve been working hard to get ahead on work so that I don’t have to think about it again until we get to Georgia. Plus sorting, getting rid of, packing, mailing stuff home, tying up loose ends, tending to a billion little details like purchasing and activating American phones. Not to mention the logistical feat of the image above. DEEP BREATH.


Planning the trip wouldn’t be quite as time consuming if we just picked our path and hit the road. But this is no ordinary road trip. This is a Birds Of The Air Road Trip, completely with ridiculous buckets full of hospitality. Eleven of our fifteen nights on the road are officially accounted for – free room and board. A few by friends and a few by relative to complete strangers. Thanks, the internet!


We’ll be taking a bit of a detour down the west coast to revisit our old stomping grounds in the Monterey Bay area. We’ve been provided a place to stay four beautiful nights plus visitor passes to the crazy amazing aquarium in Monterey. Very excited to catch up with old connections there.


We’ll also linger in Flagstaff a couple of nights so that we can squeeze in a gander at that Canyon thingy. Our hosts there are perhaps my favorite, perfect #birdsoftheair type story of serendipity. An American living in Ireland whose husband is from Flagstaff put out an APB and found us a nice young married couple with a couple of extra bedrooms and puppies to stay with.  Seriously.


So I’m feeling all taken care of and loved – my Grinchy heart continuing to be stretched by the good things in the world.


I’m also a fair amount of stressed and overwhelmed with everything that goes into this sort of endeavor. But I’ve surprised myself with an increased peace about leaving BC and a growing excitement for the good ole southeast. I’m looking forward to gluing back together a bit of community down south and frequenting my favorite old haunts. Live wandering oaks, here I come.


live oak st simons ga


Not sure if I’ll blog at all during the trip but I’m sure I’ll at least pop in with updates on facebook. So if you’re into that sort of thing you might want to like the fanpage.


Anyway, my brain ranges somewhere between completely full and mildly broken these days so this post needs to come to a close asap.


Birds Of The Air Road Trip 2013! Agh!




  1. Do you come through Portland? I’d love to meet you in real life.

  2. Mark Allman says:

    Wow … I hope it goes well.

  3. Hi, Jessica
    I just came across your blog and as I’m sure a lot of people tell you, I appreciate your honesty. Reading some of your posts has helped me think more about things that have been swirling around in my own mind. “The Church” being a big one. My dad is a pastor and so I have seen and heard a lot that has at times made me so discouraged with other christians. I also work at a church (where I hear and see alot) and -yep-disappointed again. It takes effort for me to look at the good things over all of the bad. And I think, “Man I want something more than the church is offering”. My (awesome) pastor dad reminds me that church isn’t really about me anyway, it’s about how can I serve others. I sulk but know instantly that he is right. I also cringe at the things we do as a church just because they are tradition-that sort of thing. I know that there is a place for them, sometimes… It’s a hard process isn’t it? Trying to figure the whole church thing out? God has made us so complex and everyone so unique, yet we all share similar struggles. I just want to continue seeking and not giving up on the seeking. Just wanted to reach out to you as another from the same generation ( i always forget if I’m generation x or y or are they both the same thing)? LOL God Bless You and Your Family. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mark Allman says:

    I hope things are going great for you guys!

  5. I can’t get enough of your roadtrip posts!! So happy to have discovered your blog through travel perfections group :-) this and several posts here are so helpful for planning our USA road trip next year, thanks!