Biggest Tip to Simplify Your Laundry


Can’t keep up with your laundry?  Does it feel like Mt. Laundry is out of reach and an impossible mountain to climb?  win against your laundry


Well, I’ve got news for you folks, you – yes, you – can change all of that today.


With one simple tip that I’m going to reveal to you, you can finally conquer the curse of clothing clutter.


Want to know what it is?  Are you ready for the revelation?


Get rid of your clothes.




I’m not kidding, y’all.


I’m a minimalist at heart.  And the number one thing that I’ve learned to simplify the clutter is to simply simplify the clutter.


Most Americans have way more clothes than they need and way more clothes than they wear.


Get rid of your fat clothes.  Get rid of your skinny clothes.  Get rid of your highschool clothes.  Get rid of those acid washed jeans and ugly sweaters.  Get rid of your 5 year old’s baby clothes, get rid of those shoes you don’t even like and never wear – get rid of absolutely everything that you haven’t worn in 6 months.


Have a yardsale, donate, I don’t care.  Just get it out of your house.


I know there are good reasons and good intentions behind keeping a lot of the stuff that we inevitably fill our closets and drawers with.  We rationalize our hoarding and call it practical.  It’s just good sense to keep 20 pairs of jeans even though we only wear 3 pair of them, right?  Besides, when we wear out our favorites, we’ll start wearing the surplus.  But, let’s be honest, when you wear out your favorite, you’re probably going to go out and buy a new favorite.


The simple truth is, the less clothes you have, the less clothes you have to wash.


We are a family of six and I only wash one load of clothes every day or two.  (Granted, we don’t run a farm or anything that causes us to get our clothes unnecessarily dirty)


I also periodically weed through everyone’s clothes and donate or giveaway all the stuff that people have outgrown.  And yes, I do even keep a small amount of seasonal clothes to pass down to the next boy in line, but because we don’t keep much clothing for each child to begin with, it doesn’t take up much space.


One thing that I recently had to go through was socks and underwear.  I have three little boys with a great-grandmother who knows how to give good gifts; She routinely gifts them new packs of under garments.  However, I wasn’t reducing the number of old undies when the new ones would come in.  So we ended up dealing with probably 50 little pairs of underoos at any given time.


The curse of having too many clothes, is that you will continue to pull clean clothes out to wear until everything is dirty.  And then you’ll turn around to find yourself dealing with a dirty laundry epidemic of epic proportions.  But if you only allow yourself to own, say,  7 to 10 pairs of underwear, you’re forced to clean them regularly.


So what’dya say?  Are you ready to make life, laundry, and the pursuit of happiness easier by cutting out the excess?


I dare you to live more simply this year, y’all.



*photo by leloft1911 via Dreamstime.


  1. First of all, who is that laundry lady and where did she get that skirt? I love it. I must have it.

    Oh, wait, you were talking about getting rid of clothes.

    I love the idea of simplifying, but I think the key to laundry is this: Wash a load every day. Start it in the morning, swap it to the dryer mid-morning, pull everything out as soon as the dryer stops and call your kids to come and fold it and put it away. This works for me!! (Sometimes I am nice and will help with the folding, too. If I don’t have other tasks on my plate at the moment, I can find laundry folding to be a peaceful place to pray for others.)

    Oh, and don’t let your kids change their clothes more than once a day. ;)

    That way, it doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, every day you’re taking care of what is dirty and putting at away! (Or rather, the KIDS are putting it away!)

    So, back to the laundry lady… Where do you get your pictures? I’d love to try to Google-foo and figure out who made that skirt!

    • The one load a day method is also my fav. Though now that I’ve reduced our clothes so much, I don’t stick by it anymore and it’s more like every other day or every few days.

      I got the pictures from If you click the little link at the bottom of the post it’ll take you there. But I have no idea how to find out about the skirt. Lol.

    • Glad it wasn’t just me that was loving that skirt ;-)

  2. Amen! I finally realized this about a month ago and did a major purge on my side of the dresser. The results are rather freeing. This month I intend to go through my kids clothes as we move my two girls from one dresser a piece to one dresser for them to share :)

    • I reduced 2 of our boys into one dresser this year, too. And the littlest has all of his clothes in a night stand! So much easier.

  3. Oh, yes, I agree! I can get by with doing laundry just one day a week, but then it’s constant. I don’t really mind though. I use that fold time to catch up on podcasts and the wait time to clean the house.

    My problem is I got rid of so many clothes that I didn’t wear that I now have no shirts to wear… which leads me to ask… what shirt was I wearing before?

    • No shirts? Lol. I so need to get rid of some shirts right now that i don’t ever use. I don’t always take my ow advice. Lol.

  4. You know I love this and agree : )

  5. We have been doing this! However, we live in a climate where it is necessary to keep cold and hot clothes so we have to rotate out. We do anything we haven’t worn in the past season (summer for summer clothes, etc. You get the idea)

    I have to say- with a toddler the laundry doubles. They are SOOOO messsy! ;0)

  6. This is so funny. I JUST said to my husband that I have waaaaay too many clothes. Now, it might not seem that way to others, but to me it does. We don’t like lots of clutter either, and my closet is currently overwhelming me, which means its time to start purging. You have motivated me to start baggin’ up. :)

    • Listen, I’m still a perpetrator of this, for sure! I need to get rid of some stuff in my dresser.

  7. I know this seems like such a great idea…..I purge my closet OFTEN, and I STILL feel like there is SO much in there…..and the 9 y.o clothing is the worst…he has SO MANY play clothes (constantly turning into a grease monkey with daddy) I have been purging much also….hope to get rid of more.

  8. Yay for motivation!

  9. Oh my goodness, I have to purge my daughter’s dresser all the time! And I have to sneak! She would never get rid of anything if left to her own devices, because all her outfits “have memories in them”. I just realized I do the same thing…hmm…let me go get rid of that ugly pair of pajamas I’m keeping just because my mother gave them to me…

    • That would make it harder. Thankfully none of us are too sentimental about our clothes. Except for socks. None of the men in my life want to give up their socks when they have holes in them. Makes no sense to my woman brain.

  10. I agree. And I do one load a day so it doesn’t pile up. We are constantly simplifying and fighting those dumb reasons for keeping and holding onto crap.
    Our church does a clothing remix..donate clothes, cone and shop for new ones as needed, or just go to hang out with the ladies.

    • That sounds like fun. Once again, too bad we’re so far away.

      • Yea, it’s kinda far…But you could do it there! It’s super easy, just need a space and a network of people and someone to pay attention to details. Could even be a great outreach opportunity, people come to stuff like this that wouldn’t normally come to a church or bible study!

  11. If I gave away my clothes, I would have to go naked. As it is now, I live in a couple of pairs of sweat pants and a few t-shirts!

  12. Oh my goodness! I have been doing exactly that lately. Granted I pretty much have ZERO clothing. My boys (3 of ’em) and my hubby (work and home clothes) have a ton! I currently have one massive black trash bag in the back of my car for donation and a second one nearly full that I’ll be dragging down to Goodwill too. It really has made a huge difference in the heaps of laundry that I never have seemed to catch up with. I’m about to do round two of Operation Lessen Jammies. TOO MANY! My boys are 3,4 and 5 yrs old and I think I’ve just been hanging onto things out of fear or the next kid down the line not having enough to wear. But we have two separate people who always drop massive bags at our home. New in..Old out. GREAT IDEA JESSICA!

    • We’re blessed with consistent hand-me-downs, too. To the point that the kids end up with more clothes than they can fit in their drawers and I have to just pick the best stuff out and send the rest on to the salvation army.

      • Same here! My word, I can’t fit all their jammies in the bottom drawer (all 3 boys share my late Dad’s dresser). I just purged their jammies last week. Perhaps time to again…With a more ruthless attitude.

  13. Good idea. My kids have way more clothes–especially hoodies–than they need.

    • We have the same hoodie problem. Not sure why, since we don’t buy hoodies. I guess people just give us a lot of them.

  14. Amen. I have no problem getting rid of clothes (or anything) I don’t want/need . . . I’m sort of the anti-pack rat. My issue usually comes with actually getting it out of the house. So, the bag of baby clothes I want to donate will sit there for like 6 months, until they no longer fit the family I was going to give them too. Sigh. Working on this. And laundry . . . I used to plan for specific days, but now I just do it every time there looks like a full load, which is often once a day, sometimes every other day (family of five). We often keep our pajamas on the days we stay in, a lot lately because it’s the rainy season here, so that helps :-) Plus I’ve tried to become conscious of whether or not things *need* to be washed after one wear. Socks, underwear, definitely. Sweaters? Jeans? Case by case basis.

  15. Hmmm… owning 7-10 pairs of underwear only makes me end up going commando. Where am I going wrong?

  16. Can I just say THANK YOU!

    I need to go through our clothes again. Mine especially. I have things I haven’t worn in a good 10yrs. Our children’s clothes? Kept down to their favorite things … and not a whole ton of it. Same with my husband’s clothes. But me?! Whole other story. Some I kept because I look forward to being able to fit into it again …. but you’re right. Even when I AM able to fit into them again, I won’t wear them. I’ll buy new outfits. Or make new outfits, if I’m good enough at sewing by then!

    And baby clothes? I need to go through those as well. I like to keep enough baby clothes for the first 6-9mo {mostly gender neutral so we’re set either way} …. and, of course our oldest daughter’s outgrown clothes that are in decent shape for our youngest. But other than that? Why am I keeping all this stuff?!?!? ACK!