The Best Birthday Party Ever


You guys. I am not one to go all out with holidays. Birthdays are planned by the skin of their teeth and you are unlikely to get a thoughtful parting gift from a Bowman shindig. We don’t do bounce houses, or fancy cakes, or crafts, or elaborate gifts.


If you are awesome enough to pull off one of those fantastic parties, I wish you well. But it just ain’t me.  I’m two parts lazy, and one part cynical so just no.


But it works for us. This unscheduled, under-planned way of life and celebration. And this weekend is a great example. Two of my boys had the best birthday ever. We celebrate two birthdays in one week every May so we typically combine those into one party. Because again, lazy (practical?).


We borrowed a pondhouse and let the kids fish and swim to their hearts content. I picked up pizza, drinks, and chips an hour before we left. I even found a fishing cake at the DQ minutes before the party. Boom.



The Birthday Boys. Eight Year Old and Ten Year Old.

We had half a dozen little kids catching endless and gullible bream.



Splashing in the shallows for hours.


We played until the last of the guests trickled away and then we played some more.


Don’t worry, we threw them all back.

Catfish, yo.

Catfish, yo.

It was pure magic, you guys. No emails, no fussing, no stress. Just an afternoon of pure memories.

Happy Birthday to Lucas the Eight Year Old and Everett the Ten Year Old.



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