Be Still. Just Be Still.

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.”


Lisa Chan (wife of author Francis Chan) has a new video series releasing soon called True Beauty – Finding your Identity in Jesus. I was lucky enough to be able to view an advanced release of one of the films called Be Still.


And it couldn’t have come at a better time.


I am entering the very most overwhelmed season of my entire life. I’m genuinely busy. I’m tired. I’m stretched thin. My shoulders are sagging under the weight of responsibility. And more than ever I am understanding the need for being still.  I’ve always understood the concept in theory.  But never has it been so relevant to me personally.


Truthfully, a year ago I wouldn’t have gotten much out of this film.  But as the emails and the jobs and the children demand more and more from me I find myself desperately needing to be filled, to be stilled.



Lisa goes on to say:

“So for the woman that is so caught up doing bible studies, going to church on Sunday, and feeling like ‘Oh I’m getting scripture, I’m being still . . . ‘ . . .  that’s not being still. Being still means you and God – alone. Just the two of you.”


So, often times I find myself these days lying in the grass of my toy strewn backyard – just staring up at the sky. With ear buds blaring to drown out the noise of my daily life, I just lie there waiting expectantly for a plane or bird to wander into my field of vision to give my eyes something to follow.


And sometimes I talk to God and sometimes I listen for him and sometimes my ears fill up with slow dripping tears. But – always – the being still makes me better.



 Today I get to give away a copy of this 20ish minute film by Lisa about Being Still. It’s a soft and comforting reminder to just be. still. You can find various ways to enter below in the rafflecopter box.


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  1. A very timely reminder for me. This has been a hard and stressful start to the fall season. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I can usually find stillness on a walk but more and more I am not taking the walks I need. This is a busy time of year and it’s only going to get even busier as the months continue. I could use some stillness persuasion.

    • I start to worry when summer ends because my stillness is almost always found in nature and I suffer when I can’t sit outside and just watch the leaves blow and birds fly.

  3. Lately I have been reading books by Francine Rivers, and being still is a recurring theme in them. Honestly, it is not really something I had ever contemplated or done before. I am a thinker, fixer, manager, figurer-outter. But God has been teaching me, and helping me, to be still. Sometimes I do that by reading, or singing from an old hymn book, or just thinking on Him. I try to listen to Him, and not always talk, and I am learning to wait on Him. Being still is not easy for me, but it is refreshing and rewarding.

    • I think its definitely not something we’ve been taught to do. I grew up in a church culture where having a “quiet time” meant reading your bible or “devotional”, not simple being still.

  4. I need to be reminded of this daily.

  5. I just read this post and watched this clip and just cried. Yes. Thank you…this is what my heart was longing to hear today.

  6. I think it’s a message many, many of us need to hear. Thanks, Jessica!

  7. This is seriously probably the most relevent thing you’ve written (for me personally). God is clearly trying to tell me to be still. Thanks for the reminder :)

  8. identity in Christ. the only place identity can truly be defined. oh, what a journey to learn this. but what a spacious place of freedom He leads us into as we grasp that He has rescued us because He does, indeed, DELIGHT IN US. crazy love. would love to watch the video. thanks for the opportunity.