Ask And Ye Shall Recieve Gameboys


I’ll admit, I’ve been a little nervous about our upcoming road trip.  I mean, 3,000 is a lot of miles.  And, the truth is, our accommodations just plain don’t have fancy amenities to make the adventure less painful.


The air conditioning in our SUV doesn’t work and the cost of fixing it just isn’t feasible worth it so we’ll be riding with the windows down.  And, temperature wise, that doesn’t bother me at all.  We’ve been driving with no AC for more than 4 years now, 3 of which were down here in south Georgia where it’s hotter than places with hockey sticks in the summer.  Though I really hope we don’t run into any/much rain because riding with the windows up in the summer in the rain is awful.  Trust me.  It happened on our drive from Cali to Maryland.


Also, because of how we’re poor folks and stuff, we didn’t own any fancy electronic devices to trick our children into thinking that whole states lined with corn are entertaining.  That’s right, no gameboys, DS, ipads, ipods, portable dvd players.  Nothing.


So, I just threw it out there.  I got on facebook and informed the public that I would be more than willing to take any old electronics off their hands.  I didn’t know if anything would come of it and I only posted it once because I didn’t want to get too annoying and begger-like with my social media presence.


And no one responded.  I mean, crickets chirped and everything.  At first.


But a week or two later a kind internet friend brought it up and said they might have an old gameboy they could donate.  Well, I thought that was pretty sweet.  You know, yay and stuff.  But it gets better.  She asked her own local peeps if any of them had anything to donate to our cause.


By the time it was all said and done, we got the sweetest care package ever.  And by sweet I mean like dope or phat or something that rhymes with pitchen.


Holy crapola!

Two gameboys, one DS, and a portable dvd player.  Not pictured is every kind of cord you could ever want to plug in said devices.  And since receiving this we’ve been given two more used dvd players, and I’ve heard tell that we might have another gameboy eventually find its way to us.


Needless to say, The Wild Things were beyond excited.  Eleven Year Old has wanted a DS for years, she’s the only one of her friends that’s never had one, but it was just never a thing we could practically provide for her before it was, ya know, free.  Good things come to those who wait, eh?  And ask.


Now we just need to get some of those sound-proof head phones so each person can listen to their own electronics while the wind whips through out non air conditioned car. :)






  1. Amazing how many old electronics there are out there waiting for someone to love them!

  2. Nice!

  3. So cool! This happened with is and a DS this week, too!

  4. Michelle Pf says:

    Isn’t that wonderful?!! But I wonder, when exactly did you post that said post . . . at like 3am or something so I missed it entirely? J/K . . . here on your blog, I’m assuming, with or without a link to FB? Doesn’t matter . SO rejoicing with you!